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Adam & Sarita


Our Love Story

One fateful night in Canberra city, we locked eyes across the room at the end of a hot, sweaty yoga class. The energy between us was palpable and we found ourselves walking towards one another with no control over what we were doing. We introduced ourselves and there was an instant connection, time stopped and it was like it was just the two of us. As Ads casually said he was new to Canberra, Sarita offered to show him around town, just as friends of course, nothing else, and we set a date, as friends, to meet up at a bar the following weekend.


The night started off nicely at a whiskey bar, where we found ourselves enjoying each other's company immensely so, naturally drinks turned into dinner where we started with dessert and ended up ordering every dessert on the menu, followed by coffee. Neither of us wanted the night to end, so we took a shopping trolley ride to the next bar (a tradition we now keep up on the reg) where we danced the night away until 3am, before Ads put Sarita in a cab with a kiss on the cheek, and in that moment we both knew our lives were about to change forever.


As we continued to meet up and spend more and more time together, we found in each other our best friend, adventure seeker, lover of life, travel buddy, dessert devourer, mischief maker and perfect partner for life. We love how easy and comfortable it is being in each other's company, we are constantly joking around, having fun and making each other laugh and best of all, we make each other so incredibly happy. We love nothing more than to spend time together, whether that be going to concerts, exploring new places, seeing new cities, trying new foods, doing a lot of Crossfit, or simply chilling at home and soaking up one another's company, no matter what we are doing, it's made all the more enjoyable just by being together.


We have based our strong and resilient relationship on trust, communication, compassion, fun, respect, admiration and immense love! We'd describe our love as bright, joyous and completely natural. Being together feels so right. We embrace each other wholeheartedly for who we are and share a deep honesty with one another which allows us to open up to new possibilities. Together, we are curious, courageous and adventurous and our love of music and travel is interwoven through everything we do. We are continuously learning about ourselves and each other, challenging one another to grow as individuals and as a couple. We take the time to listen and support the other, and continue to be each other's biggest cheerleader. Importantly we share the same core values and although we may differ in some ways, we just seem to balance each other out perfectly.

The Day

Our wedding day was a dream come true! It was wildly fun, full of joy, laughter and oodles of love. 2 years in the making thanks to covid, we were so honoured to share this day with our friends (especially the international ones) and family and our unreal vendors.


The ceremony was absolutely unforgettable. It was easily our unexpected favourite part, full of pure joy and incredibly heartfelt moments. The styling was both moody and whimsical, with rugs lining the aisle and a glorious floral centrepiece draped over the 150+ year old tree we were married under. It was everything we could have imagined and then some - our dream team from Here Comes the Truck and Stephanie Belle Botanical really nailed the brief! Our amazing celebrant Jessie was so vibrant and full of life, setting the mood and tone early on so guests were ready for a killer night.


Hair and makeup for the bridal party was an absolute standout. Make-up by Killer Queen Creative and hair by Vine Artistry created the best looks the girls have ever had! And with a girl gang of 6, between them, they've had a lot of hair and make up done. Everything was custom to the individual bridesmaids and bride, making everyone feel like a million bucks on the big day.


The speeches were a big hit too, especially from the bestman who had the whole crowd in stitches. The amount of work and research put into his speech to lovingly roast the bride and groom was not unnoticed.


The dance floor was pumping all night thanks to our DJ Tommy Ohhhhhh mixing all the hits and getting the crowd going. We had an epic flash mob in the middle which got everyone on their feet, while food and drink continued to flow all night thanks to the greatest staff ever (Here Comes the Truck). They were polite, energetic and helps of fun.


We had an absolute blast creating the smoke bomb scene that our videographer (Down the Road Weddings) and photographer (Little Chief) had set up. Special mention to our smoke bomb master Ben for really embracing the task at hand. He had that smoke pumping!

Photographer: Little Chief Photography,

Videographer: Down the Road Weddings,

Celebrant: Jessie Belle Celebrant,

Venue: Rocklea Farm,

Coordination/Styling/Catering: Here Comes The Truck

Florist: Stephanie Belle Botanical,

Transport: Coastal Kombi,

Music: DJ Tommy Ohhhhhh,

Makeup: Killer Queen Creative,

Hair: Vine Artistry,

Dress: KWH Bridal,

Headband & Custom Jacket: Rockstars and Royalty,

Nails: Le Nailed It

Suits: Bellington Estate

Groom Hair: Amy Charnock - Bliss Hair by Amy

Groom Beard: The Streets Barbershop & Coffee Bar Geelong

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