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Alexander Shore Photography

Based in Torquay, my photography is focused along the shores of the Surf Coast, but I travel far and wide.


When you book with Alexander Shore Photography, you are supporting our planet. I am passionate about sustainability and reducing our impact on our only home, Earth. Thus, a percentage of my annual profits currently go to 4Ocean, who help remove plastics from our Oceans.


As a wedding photographer I am relaxed and playful, but also pro-active, and like to think I blend in with the crowd - as much as a 6'4" bloke can. I let moments unfold organically, but will be there to give you a nudge when needed. I love having some fun during a couple, or bridal party shoot, but I will also read the room and just let you be you.


My photography is relaxed and fun, documentational, and a true reflection of a couples day - through a creatives eye.


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My photography grew alongside a love for the outdoors, sport, and friendship. After moving to Torquay in 2016 I became addicted to the beauty of our Surf Coast and the nearby Otway National Park. I would join friends on many an adventure, and shoot both from the land and ocean. I feel at peace in salty water or dense forests.


Somewhere along the road, a couple asked if I could shoot their secret beach elopement in Lorne. That was it, I was suddenly years deep in the wedding scene, documenting happy - and often emotional - moments in the most beautiful locations. Best job ever...

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