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Ash + Matt

Matt & Ash met online after Ash's sisters set up an RSVP account for her. They chatted online for a few weeks & realised they had a fair bit in common so they organised to meet in Geelong one weekend. They met at edge & chatted for hours, then went ten pin bowling. Ash's family & one of her girlfriends who was also my bridesmaid were actually quite worried as I’d been gone for so long & hadn’t replied to their texts!


They had a couple more dates, however Ash wasn’t too impressed when Matt took her to a movie on the second date & the dog in the movie died. Dogs are important to Ash being a dog trainer so she was balling my eyes out haha! Lucky he had bought her flowers prior to the movie.


Matt lived in Ballarat so they traveled back & forth each weekend, one week in Ballarat, one week in Geelong. Everything went really smoothly & they just got along really well. Matt did have to meet Ash's dogs & pass the dog test however - her dogs are good judges of character so she trusted their judgement - they loved Matt instantly so he was allowed into the family.


After two years they moved in together & it all worked out really well. Matt did have to teach Ash some domestic chores however. Ash was a farm girl who preferred to spend her days outside with the animals & didn’t spend much time doing housework. Luckily for Ash, Matt is very domesticated! 


Matt proposed on the 11th Feb 2018. He organised a weekend in Melbourne, took Ash to the zoo & then they stayed in a hotel near Southbank. They went out for dinner & Ash was a bit suss on him but nothing happened. The next morning they had breakfast on Lygon St & as they were leaving Matt said “Did you want to go to Queenscliff for fish & chips tonight?” Ash's response was “hmm I think I just want to sit on the couch tonight, we’ve been out all weekend”. 

When they got home Matt was really quiet & being weird. Ash got straight into her PJ’s as soon as they got home & sat on the couch. Matt was standing in the kitchen 2 metres away & sent me a text saying “I have a surprise for you”, we sent a few texts back & forth then he wrote “It’s black & it’s in my pocket”... that then led to many dirty jokes back & forth & then Ash attacked him to see what it was! Matt wouldn’t let her get to it & then she said to him “have you asked my dad a question lately?” And he said “Maybe”. He finally proposed & pulled the black thing out of his pocket hahaha! 

He had made a jewellery box out of the timber Ebony & had also designed the ring himself. It is a beautiful pink spinel (like a ruby but tougher - thankfully as it needed to be tough for her job). 


The lead up to the wedding was pretty chilled, Ash had always wanted to get married down the beach & have the reception on her parents farm. Matt was keen to look at a few venues but when we realised how expensive they were we ended up back at the farm. Ash's mum, Sharon was the wedding planner & she did such an amazing job. Matt & Ash were left to pick a photographer, food supplier, celebrant & band. Matt being a carpenter also made a grazing table for a platter, the arbour & a sign for the wedding. Sharon had the rest under control, they just pre approved everything. 


The day before the wedding was hectic, it was 40 degrees & we were all a bit stressed but we got there eventually. Matt's mum, Lyn helped them do the flowers & their friends & family set up the marquee. 


Luckily the day of the wedding was a bit cooler. Sharon was still pretty stressed running around organising things but she hid it from Ash mostly. 

Matt had to go down to Portarlington & set up the arbour. He managed to get that all set up but he was running rather late, he then realised he had left his speech in his bag which Ash had just taken down to the Airbnb they were staying in. Ash's dad ran down to get it & gave it to Matt. 

The girls had a pretty chilled morning getting their hair & makeup done. 

At about 3.30 they started to make our way down to Portarlington. Lucky the girls were running late as Matt was stressed & also running late! Apparently he calmed down as soon as he saw Ash getting out of the car. 


Ash had three dogs in her bridal party, Evie a beautiful silky terrier & 2IC of K9 Kapers Bellarine, Nemo who is a black lab from seeing eye dogs Australia (SEDA) . Ash worked at SEDA when she was younger & has a very special relationship with him as she cared for him when he was 3 weeks old to about 12 weeks old. And then she worked with him throughout his career & eventually ended up placing him in his current home with his owner Katarina. They also had Bella a little westie who is one of her friends dogs & one of K9 Kapers very first clients. 


Nemo was matched with Ash's best friend, Allison who she also met at SEDA. Alli flew over from Dubai for the wedding where she works as a zookeeper. It was very special to have her with me on my big day...she did provide some humour however. Nemo has been trained to stay with his owner at all times, so when Katarina handed Nemo over to Alli to walk down the aisle, Kat tried to hide behind a car so Nemo couldn’t see her but unfortunately for Alli, he could smell her. So when Alli went to start walking down the aisle he pulled her so hard towards Katarina that Alli nearly fell over...she somehow managed to save herself after flying through the air but everyone had a good laugh.

Ellina, Ash's middle sister & maid of honour was matched with Evie & Teagen, Ash's little sister had Bella. 

The wedding day was awesome & went so quick! There was one funny moment during photos where Ash lost my veil, it was so windy & Matt & Ash were out at the end of a cliff when her veil suddenly took off... Luckily the boys were down the beach & ran to get it before it blew into the water. 

When they got back to the farm for the reception, Matt realised he had forgotten his speech...AGAIN! He managed to do a really good speech on the night after he raced over to the house to write some notes down. Our MC was one of Ash's good family friends Lachie, who she has known forever. Lachy did such an amazing job on the night & made sure everyone was relaxed & having a laugh! 

We had such an amazing day & all the vendors were awesome... I'd have to say Boutique Event Co were just the absolute best! They went above & beyond & we couldn’t have done it without them! We're certain Sharon would have had a panic attack had they not been there! 

The vendors that helped make it happen

Hair - Hair by Lisa Marshall. 

Make up - Olive Torrance - House of Pearl Beauty Studio

Cars - Ash's dad’s F250, family members Ford Lincoln, and an old car that Matt’s dad organised from Ballarat. 

Celebrant - Chloe Jetson who was amazing. She is one of Ash's clients & she just made everything so easy. 

Band - Something Borrowed Too, they were amazing & learnt 3 new country songs for Ash & Matt since country music is one of their shared loves. 

Food - Mama Van & The Bungalow

Caravan Bar - Boutique Event Co

Cake - Janelle's custom cakes. Ash's Nan made the fruit cake. 

Dress - Bernice Fashions 

Photographer - Monika Berry, she was so relaxed & made it all very easy!

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