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Caitlyn & Harry


Our Love Story

From our ceremony script


I want you to picture the most romantic setting you can think of; a beautiful cocktail bar with softly lit candles, velvet lounges and tuxedo-wearing wait staff serving exotic drinks to their sophisticated customers. Well, that's nice and all but where these two lovers met is way more romantic than that... in a dingy old nightclub in Shepparton called Yahoo! As Harry creepily sat in a dark corner sipping on a delicious 'Screaming Eagle' when he spotted the most beautiful lady he'd ever seen in his life dancing under a spotlight on stage, completely oblivious to the many stares she was getting from the creepy guy in the corner. Harry mentioned his affections for this stunning woman to his mate Brendan and as fate would have it, Brendan just happened to know Caitlyn through friends and Harry couldn't believe his luck! Was his night just about to get a whole lot better? Well after Brendan mentioned this to Caitlyn, she knocked Harry back and he thought he'd blown his chance with her forever.

However, we all know this love story doesn't end there, because good old Facebook swooped in and saved the day when they added each other and started messaging. Of course, Caitlyn was playing hard to get, so it would soon be Cailtyn's turn to wonder if she'd missed her chance when Harry up and left for Queensland.

But they stayed in touch, chatting and flirting on the reg over messenger and when Harry came back to Shep for an engagement party, they spent the whole weekend together, having the best time, enjoying one another's company immensely and as they parted ways, they each thought that would be it and nothing would ever come of it. However, by the end of that year, Caitlyn had met Harry's entire family in New Zealand, moved to Queensland to be with him and spent every waking hour soaking up one another's company and not so slowly falling head over heels in love. Before long, they had moved to Geelong, set up a gorgeous life together here and it now feels like home. Their lives have seamlessly weaved into each other's as if it was always meant to, they've ridden the wild rollercoaster of life together and with all the ups and downs along the way, they've had each other's love to get them through and come out stronger every time.

The Day

We couldn't have asked for a better day!

We found out the day before the wedding day that water had taken over our ceremony spot, and it was under about 2 feet of water.

Two days after the big day we both said that we wanted to do it all over again, exactly the same and with all the same vendors.


Every single one of the vendors made our day the best day ever. And we are so proud to say some of guests even said it was the best wedding they had ever been to.

I mean, of course it was, we had the absolute A Team in charge!!!

Venue: Rocklea farm

Beverages: Boutique Event Co

Styling: Astrid Styling

Photography: The Hogans Wedding, Jake Hogan

Celebrant: Jessie Belle Ceremonies

Catering: Soft Cafe Catering

Entertainment: Tom & Georgia

Flowers: Wild Folk Flowers

Game hire: Geelong lawn games

Wedding dress: And The Veil

Makeup: Crew Faced Makeup

Groomsmen suits: Tarocash

Groom's suit: Eddy Alias

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