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Cassie & Sean

As seen in Geelong Wedding Guide Magazine

Love Story

Cassie and Sean’s love story began when their after school activities collided. Sean had band practice and Cassie had dance practice when an innocent water cooler chat turned into their first laugh together. Later that night, Cassie received a Facebook request from Sean, and the rest is history. They've since spent their 10 years together since travelling, discovering new restaurants, renovating their home in Belmont, and obsessing over their bulldog Daisy.


When searching for their dream wedding location, Cassie and Sean fell in love with Bellbrae Harvest from the very first visit. They had spent their Saturday morning driving to different venues and were running behind schedule and desperate for a coffee! Cassie and Sean joked that the first venue to offer them a coffee would be booked on the spot.


As soon as they arrived at Bellbrae Harvest, Deb and Ken (the wonderful owners) offered Cassie and Sean a coffee straight away - they were sold. Deb and Ken continued this level of hospitality and personal touch throughout the whole process Cassie beams; “we are so thankful for them”.

The Day

In the lead up to the wedding, Cassie and Sean spent two weeks stressing about the downpour of rain that was forecast. aThey went through multiple plans for wet weather and their vendors were incredible at changing things around last minute to help. On the big day, Cassie and Sean held the ceremony in the marquee at Bellbrae Harvest, finished with a beautiful backdrop. It rained heavily all day, the sky only stopping its downpour right as Cassie got out of the car to walk down the aisle.

Cassie and Sean’s photographers, Peter and Hannah Taylor, are long-time friends of the couple and always knew they wanted to photograph Cassie and Sean’s big day. Wildheart Photography made everything fun and relaxing and you can see the love pouring out in their beautiful photos and video. Pete really went above and beyond - even carrying Cassie over a barbed wire fence and through a muddy paddock so she didn’t ruin her dress! The most magical moment captured as the sun set over the paddock, with Cassie and Sean surrounded by 15 beautiful horses that edged closer and closer to the couple.


The rest of the night was spent enjoying amazing food by Happy Camper Pizza and Platter Co; and with the crackle of fire, the mist coming up from the lake and Cal Young’s acoustic music, the vibe was set for a night no one will forget.

Venue: Bellbrae Harvest
Photographer: Wildheart Photography
Celebrant: Sue Warner
Dress: White April from And the Veil
Suit: Suits Well Geelong
Flowers: Florette
Music: Cal Young
Hair: Hair by Milly Grace
Makeup: Lisa Mitrov
Cake: Love Kate Cake Co
Food: Happy Camper Pizza and Platter Co

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