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By Jake Hogan, Hogan Weddings 

1. When looking for a photographer what is one of the most important things to look for? 

 We think the most important thing to look for in a photographer is their vibe. That sounds very general, we know, but it encompasses lots of aspects of a positive photographer-couple relationship. We spend more time with you on the day than most of your guests, so you’re going to want to make sure we all get along before handing over your cash.  


Within 5 minutes of an initial meeting, you’ll get a sense of the vibe of a photographer; what’s important to them, do they have a passion for the job, how will they gel with your guests, do you feel at ease around them, etc. Trust your gut. Know that you like their work before the meeting, and then suss out whether you gel with them in-person.  



2. If the photographer I'm wanting is a little out of my budget, what do I do? 

 Set your priorities before doing any wedding budgeting. Perhaps you might be willing to reduce the budget in one part of the day to accommodate getting the photographer you want. Or conversely, perhaps you decide you only need 4-5 hours of coverage instead of 9-10, so that you can allocate budget elsewhere.  

Very few people have an unlimited budget across the board for their wedding, so just set your limits, prioritise your vendors, and see where photography sits on your list.  

Lots of photographers (us included) offer half-day coverage, which might suit your needs whilst not going over budget. 



3. How important is it that I choose the right photographer? 

 It’s vital – not because of the quality of product that you’ll receive, but because of the experience on the day. You’re much better off hanging with a legend that you gel with and receiving ok photos, rather than hiring someone whose work is incredible but they lack any sense of rapport and you end up not enjoying the experience with them. 

Your relationship with your photographer is more important than the photos they take. Read that again. 



4. What makes great wedding photos? 

 Planning a day that embodies your values and celebrates them. If you’re not a very formal couple, don’t do things that’ll make you feel awkward.  

Don’t want to spend three hours taking portraits, missing out on mingling time with guests?   Then don’t! 

Don’t want to invite 100 guests? Then don’t! 

Don’t want to do a first dance? Then don’t! 

The more of ‘you two’ that’s reflected across the celebrations, the more relaxed you’ll feel and the more authentic the photos will be.  



5. Are you a fan of the 'first look' photos? 

 Absolutely! It sucks a lot of the nerves out of the ceremony, and allows you to be more present during it. Being in each other’s company before the ceremony might help ease some anxiety too, which is always a good thing.  


6. How important is it to choose a photographer that shoots weddings regularly? 

 Very important. Beware of your mate’s cousin’s neighbour’s friend that offers to shoot your day for $300. Sounds like a great deal, right? Wrong (most of the time!). Getting someone that shoots regularly (or maybe someone starting out but wants to shoot regularly) is a great way to gauge their passion for the job. You don’t want someone half-arsing your wedding photography experience, so they can make a quick buck on the side! 

They’ll also know how to handle the huge variety of situations that can arise on a wedding day.   


7. On a scale of 1-10, how amazing is The Hogans Weddings?!  

 We’ll leave it up to our couples to spread the good word! We post a bunch of testimonials on our website – but we always recommend people read Google reviews as we can’t edit/change what people write, so you’re guaranteed honest reviews!  

Our couples are awesome, which makes us look pretty damn good at our job! 

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