CV Gown Cleaning & Preservation

CV Gown Cleaning and Preservation are specialists in Wedding Dress cleaning. We are a local business and all gowns bought to us are individually and intricately hand cleaned. Unlike Dry Cleaners we do not use heat, harsh chemicals or machines. After cleaning, each gown is pressed or steamed, then preserved. Our preservation methods are such as used by museums. The gown is layered with acid free tissue paper and presented to our clients in a special preservation box. CV Gown Cleaning and Preservation has specialised in Wedding Dress cleaning and preservation since 2009.  

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A little more about how Cathy started

It was in March 2009, that I started up CV Gown Cleaning and Preservation. CV was at the time my initials, but it is also Latin for Curriculum Vitae which interpreted is "Path of Life". I thought this was appropriate as when someone gets married their path of life changes somewhat and it is my privilege to play a small part in this by cleaning and preserving their wedding gown.
I have always had a love of beautiful wedding dresses and after researching the best and most effective cleaning methods, and what museums do to preserve garments, I felt confident enough to start out on my venture. I have started from the ground up, and still am a small boutique business. I like it that way. It allows me to specialize only in what I love doing best, cleaning wedding dresses.
I am a home-based business and work by myself. This allows me total control over the quality of the work, as well as the quality of customer service that is provided to each of my clients. And, although I work by appointment it also gives me much flexibility on appointment times that I can offer to my busy clients. I not only service brides from Geelong, but also Melbourne and Ballarat. I have had clients from as far away as Castlemaine. They have heard about me through word of mouth, or seen my website and Facebook page and decided that it is best to have their gown cleaned professionally and preserved.
Unlike dry cleaners I do not use heat, harsh chemicals or machinery. All gowns are individually hand cleaned. This method is very gentle, yet just as effective, if not more effective than dry cleaning and particularly safe for delicate fabrics and beading or embellishments. The gown is then steamed and placed into a preservation box. The box is lined with acid free tissue paper and the gown layered with acid free tissue paper. This helps in the long-term preservation of the gown. It is one thing to have it cleaned, it is another thing to store it correctly afterwards.
Over the past 12 years I have gained much knowledge and experience in my field of expertise, and still love what I do. I believe that I am testament to the fact that if you love what you do it shows in the results you get. I have received some amazing reviews from clients, and some of the before and after photos on my website speak for themselves.
As you have probably guessed by now, I am passionate about my business and could go on and on!