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Elise & Steve


Our Love Story

Steve and I have been together since way back in 2010. We knew each other through our group of extended friends and had been friends for some time before finally getting together. We connected over our love for the snow, music and just having a fun time.  We both loved to live life a little differently and not just follow the plans that everyone else expected. Travelling, spending time with our friends, and playing video games was pretty much how we liked to spend all of our time. Before we knew it, we had been together for over 10 years, which had seen years of nagging people asking about marriage and children. We were both not really fussed and didn't feel we needed to get married. But, little did I know that Steve had planned to pop the question one day in late 2020.

After a walk to the beach with our pug Bob (which he had planned to ask me), we got home to a massive bunch of flowers on the doorstep, I was thinking, who have I done something nice for, and I turned to find Steve in the dirt on his knee (he got too nervous at the beach and couldn't do it). I was in utter shock as we never really spoke about getting married and we were both so content that it didn't bother me that we weren't. 

The Day

Our wedding was meant to be fun! We didn't want the traditional type, we wanted a party! We were going for a festive vibe, relaxed and full of laughter and dancing. Majority of our wedding was to be outdoors, and of course, it not only rained, it poured for about 24 hours straight. At 3:30pm when guests were due to start arriving, the sun came out and the rain had stopped! We were in luck!


We had a fun ceremony with our dog Bob walking down the aisle, after we got hitched, the bridal party went to one of the houses and celebrated with music, drinks and dancing, while our guests enjoyed music, drinks and snacks before being guided through the bush to the neighbouring property by our guitarist singing 'I would walk 500 miles' where they were greeted by canapes, drinks and music.


We commissioned artist CaxOne to create a massive graffiti backdrop that said 'Always', this was the backdrop to our bridal table. Always by blink 182 was our first dance song and while we're not the most romantic couple, the theme of the word 'always' was throughout our entire wedding.


We wanted to get the party kicked off straight away so got on with the short but funny speeches, had an AMAZING and I mean AMAZING meal from Sticks and Bones, and then we partied. I had learned piano after getting one as a gift from Steve in 2020 and did a surprise show with the band, which the guests loved. With a combination of the two neighboring houses and the glamping tents we had over 30 of our closest friends staying on the property with others staying in nearby accommodation. The party went as long as we wanted. Which is why we chose to have a style of wedding like this, we always hated being shut off right when the fun was at it's peak. We had recovery party the next day which was sooo fun! We wouldn't change a thing about our day! It was perfect.

Invitation design and handwritten signage onsite: Ash Hills Graphic design 

Printing: Snap printing Geelong

Cake:  Nicole Trotter

Wedding Coordinator: Jayde Haywood

Venue: Private property, Aireys Inlet

Bridal party accommodation: Private AirBnB

Celebrant: Annie Glasson & Angela Riga

Ceremony Musician: Cory Cookson 

Photographer Tim Marriage:

Furniture Hire: Elderberry Event Hire

Catering: Sticks and Bones

Beverages: Boutique Event Co 

Band: The LEAJETS Band

Makeup & Hair: Make up by Maegan Nash

Makeup: Nikizsha Lyons

Engagement and Wedding Rings: Windfall Jewellery

Dress: Soho Bride Geelong

Florist: @Daisyloublooms

Large spray painted commissioned artwork: Cax One

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