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By Jessie Walsdorf from Jessie Belle Ceremonies and Big Love Elopements 

If there is one thing we’ve all had plenty of over the past couple of years, it’s time. The last two years has given couples time to re-evaluate their wedding plans, to reflect on what is really important to them, and what they really want out of their wedding day. With thousands of couples watching their wedding day pass by with no marriage or party to show for it, each and every one of them would have been having the same conversation over and over again on their living room floor in their trackies, with a glass of cheap wine in hand…”What do we do now?!” 


And this my friends, is where a whole new wave of weddings has been born, shaking the industry to its core and opening the door for so many couples to tailor the perfect day for them, big or small. And what is this new wave you might ask? ELOPEMENTS!  


Yes, elopements have been around for decades and are seriously nothing new but when you thought of elopements before, it was Shaz and Baz taking off to the registry office before heading to Bali for their wedding party. Or maybe it was Britney Spears and her boyfriend rolling into Vegas and asking a dodgy Elvis impersonator to seal the deal only for it to be annulled 72 hours later. How could elopements possibly be anything more than just the legalities and none of the feels?  


Well I am here to tell you there are endless possibilities when it comes to eloping and it can all be done with copious amounts of love, meaning, joy and fun. A day without the huge price tag and all that family drama! As a celebrant of elopements, I get to witness loved up couples being incredibly present and in the moment with one another throughout their intimate and personal ceremonies, because the only thing they have to focus on is each other. I’m not going to lie, there are often a few tears shed which I always blame on the hay fever (I seem to be affected by hay fever all year round, it’s shocking…!) because it truly is an honour to be part of such beautiful moments in couples’ lives.  


Elopements can be anything you imagine them to be. From sitting in a wine bar with a cheese platter while fulfilling the legal obligations, to a short, sweet and simple ceremony with a handful of loved ones on a clifftop, forest, beach or park. Or maybe it’s heading to a gorgeous venue and having more of a wedding type set up, just with 20 or so of your nearest and dearest rather than having to invite your third cousin on your dad’s side who you haven’t seen in 15 years. You can break all the rules of the idea of what society (or your mother-in-law to be) tells you a ceremony has to be because as long as the legalities are ticked off, the options are endless when it comes to making your marriage your own. If you’re worried eloping may take away those traditional elements you’ve dreamt of since you were six and dressing up your Barbie to marry a superhero, you can keep your day as traditional as you want. Who says you can’t still get dad to walk by your side as your partner waits at the ceremony spot for you? It just may mean that your aisle is a forest floor with beautiful trees all around you and a waterfall in the background. Sounds pretty darn good to me!  


Eloping isn’t for everyone and don’t get me wrong, I love a big, loud celebration of a wedding with all the glamour, sophistication and extravagance. And I’m straight up the front to deliver the best ceremonies each and every time with my false eyelashes and my stilettos on, so please keep having them! I just love that there is more choice for couples to do things their way. So be brave and choose what is best for you. I guarantee you will never regret it. Oh and if you do feel the urge to elope, check out I heard they’re pretty good at what they do.  


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