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Eve & David


Our Love Story

Eve and David's story began on an ordinary night in Geelong, at a place called Edge Bar. It was there, amid the laughter and casual conversations, that their paths first crossed. They exchanged pleasantries and went their separate ways, perhaps unaware of the significance this meeting would hold in their lives.

Fast forward a couple of years, and fate brought them together again, this time at Home House. In the bustling environment of the bar, David recognized Eve, and they picked up where they had left off. After a friendly chat, David suggested they meet up for dinner. Eve, thinking it was just a catch-up between old acquaintances, agreed. They decided on Parker's Steakhouse, a place known for its cozy ambiance and delicious steaks.

However, as the evening unfolded, it became clear that this was more than a casual dinner. The conversation flowed effortlessly, laughter echoed through the restaurant, and by the end of the night, Eve realized this was indeed a date. From that point on, their connection deepened, and they became inseparable.

Their love story continued to flourish, leading to a special day at Squires Loft in Torquay. Overlooking the serene coastal views, surrounded by the warmth of a beautiful setting, David took a leap of faith. With a heartfelt proposal, he asked Eve to spend the rest of her life with him. The answer was a joyous "Yes!" marking the beginning of their new journey together.

The Day

Their wedding was a celebration of love and commitment, but it was a quiet moment afterward that stood out. As husband and wife, they made their way to Dog Rocks to capture the sunset in their first photographs together. It was here, amidst the stunning natural landscape, that they shared an intimate moment alone for the first time as a married couple.

With the sun setting behind them, casting a golden glow over the rugged rocks and the serene landscape, they danced. It was just the two of them, moving to the rhythm of their love, surrounded by the beauty of the world. The sky painted with hues of pink and orange reflected the warmth and passion they felt for each other. The tranquility and the magnificence of the moment captured their hearts, creating a memory they would cherish forever.

Games: Geelong lawn games

Venue: Rocklea farm

Bridal bouquets & Arrangements: Moss industry

DJ: Daniel Sebastian

Catering: Lady and the fox

Drinks: Bouquet Event Co

Photography and Videography: La Este Film

Celebrate: Hannah May

String Quartet: Vivid strings

Suits: Eddy Elias 

Dress: Embrace Bridal

Veil & Bow: Embrace bridal

Bridal Shoes: Betts

Bride Rings: Jab Jewellery

Groom Rings: Duffs Jewellery

Flower Girls Dress/ Flower Crowns: Arabella and Rose

Decorations & Table Flowers: Unique party hire

Coasters / esthetic bride

Invitations: Danger & Moon

Bridesmaids Dresses: Foreverness

Make Up: Blush bar

Hair: Hair by Geraldine

Cake: Loveit Cakes

Alterations: Pearls and Roses

Dance: Ballroom Baby

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