Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions that form part of your agreement with Geelong Wedding Guide 'the organiser'. Payment of the fee to exhibit acknowledges that exhibitors agree to these terms.

The term ‘Exhibitor’ is defined by the person or business which intends to or has booked in to exhibit, attend, sponsor, or to be involved in a Geelong Wedding Guide event.

  • Stands must not be dismantled before the conclusion of the event. Failure to do this will result in your business being excluded from future expos.

  • Your designated area must be left as you found it. Rubbish left at your expo stand will be charged at a flat $50+GST cleaning fee per stand.

  • Stands must be staffed with at least one staff member for the duration of the expo.

  • A minimum of 3 metres must be chosen for sites that will be manned by 2 people. 1.5 metres per person manning a stand is mandatory.

  • Exclusivity is not guaranteed for any category or vendor.

  • There is to be no shared stands with more than your single business unless approved by Geelong Wedding Guide Management. This includes advertising material from other businesses at your stand.

  • Except as stated herein, the organisers make no representations, conditions or warranties in relation to the exhibition. Under no circumstance shall the organisers be liable in contract for any indirect, special or consequential damages caused by or arising out of the exhibition or cancellation of the exhibition, and the exhibitor shall indemnify and keep indemnified the organisers against all costs, damages, claims or proceedings whatsoever in respect thereof.

  • The exhibitor will be liable for any damage to walls, floors or equipment of the building the exhibition is being held or any of the organisers material or equipment.

  • Geelong Wedding Guide has the right to cancel an exhibitor’s stand prior to each event if required. A full refund may be provided to the exhibitor.

  • The organisers shall not be under any responsibility or liability whatsoever for damages to exhibit by loss, damage, fire, water, storms, strikes, riots or any other cause whatsoever.

  • The exhibitor shall pay the sum specified by the organisers to occupy the site during the term of the event. It is essential the invoice is paid in full to Geelong Wedding Guide within 3 weeks of invoice receipt or you will be unable to exhibit.

  • In the event that the organisers have to cancel. The organisers reserve the right to postpone or amend the stated dates of this exhibition.

  • In the event that that the expo has to be cancelled due to a government order, site fees will be refunded.

  • In the event that the exhibitor has to cancel then the full fee is forfeited.

  • The organisers reserve the right in unforeseen circumstances to re-allocate the space or the location of an exhibitor’s stand and the exhibitor can take no objection or make any claims for compensation or damages in relation to any allocation of the size or the space re-allocated by the organisers. The exhibitor shall not assign or subject any part of the stand space without the consent of the organisers.

  • Exhibitors should be aware that an assertive and aggressive marketing campaign will be implemented for each expo to ensure the events success. Subsequently no responsibility will be accepted by Geelong Wedding Guide for the lack of attendance or loss of profit to any Exhibitor.

  • Geelong Wedding Guide reserves the right to final approval of every display, and the ability to take any course of action it deems necessary to rectify a situation that may impact upon the convention negatively, including expulsion of any Exhibitor from the Geelong Wedding Guide Expo, who does not comply with the stated requests. No compensation for loss of monies will be accepted for failing to obey instructions resulting in expulsion from Geelong Wedding Guide and its representatives.

  • Any Exhibitor that fails to occupy their space for whatever reason will forfeit their money. There are no refunds or transfers available once Geelong Wedding Guide has received payment

  • Displays must stay within the confines of the space allocated, must not impede aisles and walkways, or block exits. This includes cabinets, shelving, display cases, tables, stock containers, stages and equipment.

  • No sale or spruiking can occur outside the boundaries of your booth (including outside the venue, or in Aisles or thoroughfares) without prior approval.

  • Geelong Wedding Guide cannot guarantee access for vehicles within the venue in order to unload or pack your items, nor the availability of pallet trolleys or forklifts. Please ensure that your stock can be moved by hand or bring an appropriate trolley.

  • All Geelong Wedding Guide events are Latex-Free, and we prohibit the use of balloons to ensure the safety of our staff, exhibitors and attendees. Any damage caused by an Exhibitor or their Staff, or by items affixed to the venue doors, glass, floors etc will create a removal, cleaning and/or resurfacing cost charged to the exhibitor.

  • Sale of any food or beverage items is prohibited. Free samples only. Geelong Wedding Guide reserves the right to confiscate any consumable items not removed by exhibitors. No alcohol is to be provided to guests or exhibitors, this is a rule set out by the venue. Unopened bottles of wine is an exception upon approval by Geelong Wedding Guide Management.

  • Children under 16 years of age are not permitted to enter the premises during set-up or pack down periods without parent/guardian supervision. Security Officers have instructions not to allow children under 16 years of age on site during these times.

  • All Exhibitors, their suppliers, contractors, staff and assistants are classified as workers under State and Federal Acts and Regulations pertaining to Work Health and Safety.

  • All workers are to show due diligence in keeping their work area clean, safe and risk free, and to report all hazards, incidents or injuries to Geelong Wedding Guide Management.

  • Geelong Wedding Guide encourages all Exhibitors to develop their own in-house safety policies and procedures for their staff or volunteers.  

  • All exhibitors, co-exhibitors, vendors, occupants and contractors should have Public and Products Liability Insurance. This refers to damage or injury caused to third parties/visitors on or in the vicinity of your exhibition stand or hired space, or by the fault of your products.

  • Geelong Wedding Guide cannot recommend an insurance policy suitable for your exhibitor space. Please contact your insurance broker to enquire about the most appropriate cover for the event.

  • It is advised for all exhibitors and personnel to wear approved safety vests and closed shoes during set up and set down periods. We cannot guarantee there will be any safety vests available on site.

  • Neither Geelong Wedding Guide, nor the venue will accept responsibility for the safety or security of any display or product item delivered to the site.

  • The Organisers reserve the right to prohibit the display or distribution of advertising matter that could give rise to offence and to confiscate the supplies thereof for the duration of the event.

  • Pornography is strictly forbidden for sale or giveaway at Geelong Wedding Guide Expos; so too are items that would be classified as illegal under any or all state or territory law within Australia, including but not limited to extreme restricted or explicit materials.

  • All other adult material must not be visibly displayed or within reach of any minors, and carry appropriate or comparative classification.

  • The Exhibitor is responsible to ensure all power boards, power cords, power extension cords, power extension boards have been tested and tagged by a qualified electrician.


If you have questions about Geelong Wedding Guide events or anything that we can help with please email us directly hello@geelongweddingguide.com.au