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When planning your wedding, the best memories are the ones where your individual style shines through. For me, I was never into a very traditional wedding dress or having the traditional giving-away-of-the-bride at the end of the aisle. For my day, I had a beautiful, sequinned gown that was slim fitting and most importantly for me – comfortable. I had both my parents walk me down the aisle, which for my mother was something she never expected ‘different’, but she knew that that’s what I wanted, and she was honoured to walk down there with me.  

Fashion is one of those things that comes down to your own personal taste – which isn’t always going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Always remember, you can’t please everyone, and nor should you try to. There are so many wedding trends out there and then there’s some fashion forward thinkers who create their own style, this is what I personally love the most. We see so many incredible weddings each year being submitted to Geelong Wedding Guide and it’s the weddings that are that little bit different that really stand out to us. And that may not be just their fashion sense. It may be their love story that triumphed the odds, the pandemic wedding that happened on the eighth attempt, or the couple that eloped and then told all their loved ones at their engagement party that they’re already married. 

But as far as fashion goes, whether it’s a pink wedding dress, printed suit, jumpsuit, winged veil, multi-coloured bridesmaid dresses or wearing sneakers under your dress – you do you! It’s your day! 

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