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Jessie Belle Celebrant

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“The sparkliest, happiest, most joyful celebrant” - Laura and Santi


Mighty crimson tones, a smile that never quits and a born natural performer, meet your resident Jessica Rabbit, Jessie Belle. 


Jessie is the biggest and best thing to come out of Geelong since the first Model T Ford rolled off the production lines in 1925, only this model comes in a more vivacious colour than black. She can't help but light up any room she walks into. It's kinda like she's afraid of the dark, so she brings her positivity and vibrance and lightens things up quick smart. Maybe she is afraid of the dark? I'm actually not sure... you'll have to ask her.


“Jessie Belle is a gorgeous pocket rocket of creativity, love, humour and excitement” - Kashka and Kennie


Small in height but certainly makes up for it in voluminous hair, Jessie’s flame red locks are just the entree to the entertainment gold that she delivers week in, week out. Jessie will bring all the good vibes and relaxed feels to your day, she has a knack of putting everyone at ease, making your love story sound like it came straight out of a Disney movie and does it all with a smile on her face and a laugh at the ready.


Jessie’s main aim is to deliver a ceremony that reflects the couple perfectly and creates the exact vibe to get the celebration started from the get go. None of this sitting through the boring part before preparing to make a mad dash to the bar. She’ll have you laughing, crying and cheering in no time and will leave you wanting more. 

“Jessie was more than just a celebrant on the day, she was like a guest we were looking forward to having at our wedding “- Eve and Tom

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