Vanessa is a Health and Weight Loss Accountability Coach who has a personal story of weight loss (30+kilos) and health gain & she is passionate to help women who want to live their best lives and love themselves in their own skin. She believes we need to stop believing the BS of the diet industry, a one size fits all approach does not work. If you'd like to FEEL, LOOK and BE your best version of yourself inside and out on your wedding day, and well BEYOND then let’s do this differently!

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Vanessa’s story

Vanessa is based in Geelong and coaching clients throughout the world via video. Keto Buddies has a variety of coaching programs to suit your health and weight loss goals.


Vanessa is passionate about a lifestyle approach and not dieting, she believes the ‘mind believes what we tell it’ and most of us need support to reprogrammed our beliefs around our body or relationship with food and our weight.  At Keto Buddies, she combines the power of habit change health coaching with real food as your medicine and fuel, to achieve lasting sustainable results.




‘Before I had started Keto Buddies Claim Your New Body 90 Day Total Transformation, I was stuck in the worst cycle. Eating because I was bored, emotional and just plain thought I was hungry. Then feeling terrible about how I looked and felt I would eat more to try and feel good for a short while. It was such a cycle that I didn't know if it was going to end. I knew it as only going to get worse as I was putting off spending time with my son if it didn't involve the couch. I was avoiding doing specific duties at work because I didn't want to get sweaty and out of breath. I was coached by Vanessa to look at Why my weight and eating habits were a problem.  Starting the program was at first daunting but with the information provided every week and being able to connect with questions when needed meant I wasn't alone. It has been 6 weeks now and getting some many breakthroughs that don't even begin to impact my measurements and weight. Knowing my WHY and my VISION is the foundation to build on, and I've got many things in my tool kit that will keep me on my journey. If I am better tomorrow than I am today, I have succeeded.’


The results

  • 6 Weeks through the programme -Half -Way Results! Total 38.6 cm Lost and 10 Kilos!

  • Gone from waking 6 times to pee in the night to 1 to 2 times (a sign of insulin resistance)

  • Gone from eating 8 times a day with meals and small snacks to no snacking!

  • Improved anxiety which has been a challenge for me

Leah  -QLD

‘Vanessa lives this life and has completely transformed her health and outlook as a result. Her advice has helped me tackle day to day issues with my health, and her recipes are TO DIE FOR! I’ve recently just joined the 28 Day Introductory Challenge as I needed a reset pre- Christmas and the support and accountability is great. The recipes and shopping lists are all handy in the App that is included in the challenge, I’m already losing cm’s and my bloating has gone.’ Vicki  - VIC

‘My name is Kathy. I started as a client with Keto Buddies in the 90 Day Claim Your New Body Total Transformation, and I continue to be supported in the alumni community.

I felt compelled to write this testimonial because Vanessa and her programme has changed my life! I was terrified to begin as I was type 2 diabetic, obese, on multiple medications and unwell. Vanessa took a gentle tailored approach. I’m not perfect, I have’ cheated’ or eaten ‘off plan’ as Vanessa prefers to call it, but I have never lost hope and thanks to the weekly one on one coaching with Vanessa who encourages and is there for you, you stay the course. I was able to change my habits and 70 years of them and my relationship with food! You might ask how she changed my life?! My attitude towards life, positively, self-worth and happiness are just a few of the changes that came to me in addition to the weight loss, which is significant. I have gone from a size 20 to a size 10. My doctor is so pleased with me and encourages, she can’t believe the elimination of my insulin and reduction in many other medications we have been able to do and how quickly we did them! I wish all women suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc. young or old should try a programme with Vanessa, it saved my life!’ Kathy - Canada

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