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Lauren & Kalon

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Our Love Story

Lauren and Kalon met through Kalon's younger sister who was Lauren's best friend through high school in 2011. Lauren and Kalon's first proper encounter was at a bonfire party. The two really hit it off that night which lead to Kalon spinning a lie about needing Lauren's help to find his friend, little did Lauren know this was so he could get her alone for a sneaky first kiss. Chemistry was well and truly flowing following the bonfire as the pair hung out more and more.


Almost 10 years later, Kalon proposed to Lauren on a surprise trip to Bright. Kalon caught Lauren by surprise when he rolled over one of the mornings and asked Lauren to marry him.


Lauren and Kalon have done a lot as a couple such as adventures in Asia, moving out together, and buying their first home and making it their own. In fact, nothing quite compares to the excitement and happiness Lauren remembers feeling on their first night in their new home - they may have been sleeping on a mattress in the lounge room, the house in shambles, but living life with Kalon was only just the beginning. There's been tricky times of course, like every couple faces, and there's been delightful times like surprise getaways to Kangaroo Island thanks to Lauren's planning prowess. Lauren and Kalon feel like they compliment each other and work well as a team. Kalon grounds Lauren and reminds her to slow down and appreciate the little things in life such as walks in nature and cuddling up on the couch together with cups of tea after dinner. Kalon admires Lauren's drive which keeps him organised and focused (and drives him a little crazy sometimes with her level of organisation).


Lauren and Kalon were so excited to take the next step in their relationship as husband and wife.

The Day

Our day was absolutely perfect. I was so stressed about the weather in the lead up with heavy rain forecasted; however, the afternoon turned out perfect. We even had some sun rays shining through the trees as we said 'I do'. Both Kalon and I were prepared for changes on the day and things not all going to plan but the whole day turned out even better than I had envisioned. We had 80 of our closest family and friends with us who made the day so special and created memories to last us a lifetime.


One of the biggest highlights of the day was the morning and getting ready. Megan (makeup artist) was amazing and created such a relaxed, easy going and fun vibe which I feel really set me up to have a great day.


Ryal (photographer) was incredible also, he made taking photos more fun than either my partner or I could have imagined. Getting Kalon to smile in a photo is difficult at best but Ryal made it easy.


A funny moment was during the reception when I did the bouquet toss. I tossed it so high up it got caught on the ceiling fan in the venue. Everyone was in hysterics! Luckily my very tall brother was able to jump up, reach it, and toss it out to the very keen group of single ladies waiting.

Florist: As Daisy Does
Photographer: Ryal Sormaz
Hair & Makeup: Megan Slattery/ That Blonde Chick
Dress Alterations: Lainie Brookman
Celebrant: Kahani Marriage Celebrant
Venue: Merne at Lighthouse
Cake: Steph, the Cake Baker

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