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Maddy & Damien

Maddy + Damien _Smith + Archer-859.jpg

Our Love Story

Being together for ten years before getting married shows a deep commitment and understanding of each other. It’s a testament to their strong bond and the love that has grown and evolved over the years.

Maddy and Damien’s laid-back nature means they likely approached their wedding day with a sense of ease and authenticity. This would have made for a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, free from stress and filled with genuine moments of happiness.

The Day

When couples like Maddy and Damien are genuinely having fun, it reflects in their photos. Authentic smiles, laughter, and spontaneous moments create images that are not only beautiful but also tell a true story of their happiness. These are the kinds of memories that people cherish for a lifetime.


Venue: The Warehouse Geelong

Celebrant: Cathy Catos - CK Celebrancy

Brides Dress: Wendy Makin Bridal from And The Veil Bridal

Grooms Suits: Eddy Elias

Florist: Peony & Weasel

Hair: Studio scruples

Barbers: Sloane Barbers

Makeup Artist: Laurie Boring

Cake: Bridie Bakes

Catering: Soft Catering

DJ: Chook & Moluck

Photographer: Smith & Archer

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