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Meg & Simon


Our Love Story

Meg and Simon officially met in 2016 at a friend's 21st birthday party but had previously seen each other around the football and netball club.

Their connection deepened at The Phoenix, where Simon's charm shone through. The night continued at Lambys, and soon after, they had their first official date, which turned into two dates in one day.


Simon had Meg curious from the beginning, "Who is this tall man who doesn't smile?" She recalls seeing him at Bakers Oval while picking up her netball dress, where he was observing everyone as they walked in. Meg's inner thoughts were something along the lines of "I am not dating a footballer!"


Meg and Simon have since shared many milestones and have embarked on exciting adventures together. They built and sold a house in Herne Hill, purchased an acre of land in Teesdale, where Simon later proposed and where they're currently building their dream home. They welcomed their two fur babies, Murphy, and Bailey into their lives, creating their own little family.

The Day

Highlights of the day - The first look. This was something that we initially really didn't want to do. Meg had always envisioned that the first look would be her walking down the aisle. Due to having a winter wedding and the day light this was not going to be the case. Leading up to the wedding we were coming around to the idea but wasn't until the actual moment we were able to see and feel how magical this truely was. We were lucky to have the first look where the ceremony was, so this meant our first look was still Meg walking down the aisle but instead of over 100 people watching, it was a special moment with Simon and herself and the photographers and videographers captured this so so well! These were some of the best photos from the day.


Another massive highlight was Cal Young. After our first dance, no one sat back down in their seats. Everyone was up dancing the whole night! This is exactly what we wanted.


It goes without saying, the room where the ceremony took place was a massive highlight! Meg had to convince Simon that this was the room to get married in. It its just the most stunning venue! Months on, so many people comment with how beautiful this room was!

Celebrant: Kate Adkins Celebrant

Photography & Videography: La Este Film

Makeup: Studio 2 Make Up & Hair

Hair: Alex Fielding Hair

Flowers: The Posie Place

Venue: Provenance Weddings

Bridal Dress: Raffaele Ciuca Bridal

Favours: Fyansford Honey

Stationary: Danger and Moon

Spray Tan: The Sorority 

Alterations: Lainie Brookman Couture

Suits: Suitably

Entertainment: Cal  Young Music

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