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My Style

My name is Marissa Stepancic and I am the founder of My Style Geelong. What started out as a great passion of mine has grown into something I thought was only possible in dreams. It's not every day you can honestly say you love your work but it's true with My Style. I believe the point of difference at My Style is the high-quality and high-end fashion labels that are one of a kind. I spend many hours researching and analysing the latest fashion trends before making a purchase, to ensure I deliver on trend fashion at affordable hire prices. Ask anyone who knows me, I love fashion and every single item stocked in my collection is something I have picked personally and would wear myself. It has always been something that I am so passionate about and to make this a reality is a dream come true. Now being able to share my passion with the wider community of Geelong, The Surfcoast, The Bellarine Peninsula and beyond is extremely exciting for me and I am so eager to meet more lovely clients who I am able to share my love for fashion with.



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A little more about the owner, Marissa

Since a young age I was bound to be a fashionista. I would always play dress ups and dream of beautiful high-end pieces. When I was young my mum always dressed me in good quality clothes and I would always love to have matching sets on. As I grew older, my passion for fashion expanded and I explored all the big brands. I remember when I purchased my first expensive designer dress.. I knew I was in trouble. From then on, researching fashion and the latest trends, become a daily routine of mine and I quickly realised my expensive taste. I am a local 22 year old Geelong girl, born and raised. When I am not dedicating all my time and energy to building my business, I work full time at Deakin University. I love to exercise and have been part of the Bell Park Netball Club since I was 15. One of my favourite things to do is hang out with my friends, eat good food and drink a cosmopolitan. I love the fact that I can shop high end pieces, share my clothes with other women and it at the same time embracing sustainable fashion. I can't wait to continue building my business and sharing my passion for fashion to the wider community of Geelong and beyond.

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