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One Day P.A

One Day P.A. is Geelong’s leading lifestyle management company providing personalised support services to busy humans with unmanageable home and work schedules.

Lou and her team of experienced event managers can help you plan, style and execute small to large-scale events, including weddings – providing you with start to finish support including taking care of all of your wedding day needs because let's face it, asking your friends & family to run errands on your wedding day is totally awkward so why not engage a ‘P.A. for the day’ to take care of those tasks for you?

Your dedicated ‘P.A. for the day’ will take charge and execute tasks like setting up and packing up chairs, menus, table seating chart and decorations at your wedding ceremony and reception so you can concentrate on enjoying the best day of your life with the ones you love.

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A little more about the owner, Lou

Hello I'm Lou, the founder and director of lifestyle management agency, One Day P.A.  

One Day P.A. was a passion project built from a desire to help everyday people get on top of their never ending to-do lists, One Day P.A. has grown to become Geelong’s leading lifestyle management agency helping busy humans sleep better at night by taking care of the tasks they keep telling themselves they’ll get to ‘one day’.

I launched One Day P.A. in 2016 as a one woman show offering my broad range of skills that I acquired  working as a corporate executive and personal assistant to other busy Geelong families and professionals, the demand for freelance P.A. support has seen my team expand from a solo operator into a team of 6 freelance P.A’s servicing the Geelong, Ballarat and Melbourne region.