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by Nicole Penning 

If you take the time to stop, reflect and picture what moments in life mean the most to you, one of the most precious things yet to come may be your wedding day. As long as you have something to wear, you both turn up, two witnesses are present and there is someone there to make it official – you can get married! 

But it would be nice to have the moment captured on film, be able to enjoy something to eat and drink, have some music playing in the background and if you want, some other humans to share it all with you. 

Now start by jotting down ideas and notes about what your perfect wedding day looks like. Think about what you need, what you want, what you would like (and yes, they are all 3 different things). You also need to know what you don’t want – which is usually the easiest of them all! 

In truth, it all comes down to your budget. Not only what you can afford, but what you want to or are willing to spend on this one day. You might have champagne taste and a champagne budget. But if it is beer we are talking, then so be it! 

Yes, budget plays its part but so too must you and your fiancés lifestyle, your hobbies,  your personal interests and what connects with your soul. Decide on what your non-negotiables are and make this part of your wish list. As long as it is in line with your budget and what is financially possible you will then be on track to planning your wedding, your way. 


In deciding your style, theme, vibe, colour, look, feel… it really should be a reflection of you as individuals and as a couple together. Your wedding can be anything you want it to be and often reflects where you met, where you had your first date or where you got engaged. If meeting on Tinder doesn’t spark inspiration for you, might I introduce you to Pinterest: the King and Queen of social media imagery where your imagination is taken on a journey of discovery and you will uncover wedding ideas that you never dreamed of! Save the images you like to get an idea of what is possible, then work backwards to have these ideas align with your budget.  

You might have to grieve the wedding you can’t afford along the way, but the end product will be a wedding that has been suitably and uniquely tailored to you. 

One of these choices will be deciding on the year, season, or month you get married. The exact day, date and time then might come down to availability of your dream ceremony and reception location. 


Your guest list can be a contentious issue but it really shouldn’t. Picture your ideal guests,  and the faces you want staring back at you in the moment you say, I do.  

Once you know the when, where, and how for your wedding plans, the rest is just all in the details, which should all link back to your non-negotiables and your budget. Including personal and unique details into your ceremony or reception can create powerful and sentimental moments that will be remembered for a lifetime, so give this prospect the respect and consideration it deserves. 

Some other traditions to strongly consider if they are for you or not are: wedding rings,  traditional wedding attire, religious or non-religious elements, the night before your wedding day and the day getting ready, a recovery session the next day, who writes your ceremony script, who delivers your ceremony, a social media hashtag made just for you #beerbudgetwedding2022.

Finally, your wedding vows: the whole reason you are planning this big day! A statement about your life together from the moment you first met, to every good morning and every good night in-between. Hopefully the words you share in this moment will ring true for decades to come and you can reminisce over them on every anniversary and be reminded of the dream wedding you pulled off. The one you planned your way, and your way only. 

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