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Sarah & Chris

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Ten years ago, on a cold August morning, Sarah and Chris planned their first date to watch the sunrise at Barwon Heads. Sarah loved sunrises, and Chris, being a photographer, loved to capture them.

They met on the dating app Plenty of Fish and spoke for a month before meeting in person, where they both felt a strong connection. Despite having completely different personalities, the old saying "opposites attract" proved true for them.

They kept the tradition of watching the sunrise together on the anniversary of their first date and got engaged in the same spot eight years later.

Fast forward to 2023, Sarah and Chris have two beautiful children, Max and Violet. The birth of their children deepened their love and respect for each other.

Sarah, a self-confessed romcom addict, once believed in love at first sight and grand gestures. However, with Chris, she learned that love is patient, requires sacrifice and compromise, and is about showing up on the hard days and enjoying the simpler things in life.

Declaring their love and commitment to each other on their wedding day, in front of their children, family, and friends, will be a day they will never forget.

The Day

Sarah and Chris's surprise wedding with an 80s theme was always going to be a blast. With a loose plan for the day, they embraced the non-traditional structure and loved the vibe it created.

They threw out all the rules and asked themselves how they wanted to spend this special day with their loved ones. They had their photos taken before the party, allowing for some wild costume changes throughout the day. To keep the surprise realistic, they greeted guests in 80s gear, throwing off anyone who might have had suspicions.

One of their favorite moments was sneaking out with the kids to change and then seeing everyone's faces when they emerged in their wedding attire.

As the sun set and the 80s tunes ramped up, Chris was in his element playing vinyl. The dance floor was pumping, and the room was filled with laughter and amazing outfits, making Sarah and Chris's hearts full. It was everything they could have asked for on their wedding day, and it fit perfectly within their budget.

They couldn't have done it without their amazing vendors who embraced every crazy idea.

Bec at the Belmont Hotel went above and beyond to keep their secret, thinking of every detail to ensure the day ran smoothly and even helping Sarah and the kids get dressed.

Jessie, their celebrant, was the talk of the night. She donned her 80s outfit, made them feel comfortable with the process, and brought along a high-tech photo booth that captured some classic pics.

Nic, their photographer, worked amazingly on the fly and made the kids feel comfortable, which was a big deal for Sarah and Chris.

Lastly, Stacey from Embrace Bridal made Sarah feel incredibly special. She was excited about the idea and made sure nothing was too much trouble. Seeing her face on the day was a lovely gesture.

Sarah and Chris feel truly blessed by the love they experienced from everyone involved and wish they could do it all again!

Photography: Nic Stephens Photography
Celebrant: Jessie Belle Celebrant

HIre: Unique Party Boutique

Makeup: Make Up by Tania Ferguson

Cake: Colour Me Cake

Flowers: As Daisy Does

Wedding dress: Embrace Bridal Boutique

Venue: The Belmont Hotel

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