Sophie Fisk Photography

When I'm not checking the letter box for my Hogwarts acceptance letter you can find me photographing beautiful clients who wish to capture the precious moments of their lives which will one day become treasured memories.


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Looking back over my childhood and the ‘fashion’ shoots I made my sisters and cousins partake in, it was obvious that I should end up doing what I do today. I even neglected to choose photography as an elective subject in Year 9, but it was made compulsory when only 3 students in the entire year level didn’t choose it. From then on, I’ve been continuously working on growing my skills and business knowledge to be living that 10 year old Sophie’s unknown dream. I honestly believe there is nothing more important than preserving our memories. One of my favourite things to do is look back at old photographs of our family and friends and see how much everyone has changed over the years (those said fashion shoots are a key example.)

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"Sophie’s photos capture the vibe of our wedding perfectly. Looking at our photos takes us back to the exact moment allowing us to see and feel the love in the room. The candid photos of family and friends are memories we will always treasure.

Sophie we are forever grateful for the time, care and effort you put into our special day.

You are an absolute pleasure to work with".