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South America

Coffee Co

The South America Coffee Co is a mobile coffee business with a completely new concept and experience, as people will be able to enjoy a great Colombian coffee brewed in a Jeep coffee truck. Also, along with the quality and differentiation of this particular business, this coffee truck promotes the use of sustainable energy sources, running only on electricity and gas, using only tree free cups. With a beautiful coffee blend, that has the perfect balance between a natural processed Brazilian coffee, carefully selected and a selection of top three Colombian washed coffees, with cupping notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and caramel. We can supply coffee for any kind of event, including weddings, private events and corporate gatherings.

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A little more about Juan

As the name says South America Coffee Co, I'm a Colombian guy who left everything behind  looking for a better life with my beautiful wife.... This business was the consequence of watching El JEFE, a movie from Jon Favreau. Which inspired me and gave me the strength to risk it all and go for it.

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