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Tameka & Matthew

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Our Love Story

We actually crossed paths 11 years ago when Tameka was working at the Red Lion Hotel. There was some small talk and a follow up friend request on Facebook but not much more. However, as the years passed, they did keep in touch via socials and kept an eye on each other's life journey. And during that time, they grew to know more about each other and what they saw, they liked.


Now fast forward to 2020 -the start of lockdowns, toilet paper brawls in the supermarket and 5 reasons you were allowed to leave your home! One of those reasons happened to be exercise, which lucky for these two, they both love. Ballarat's default weather pattern was in full swing, it was raining, windy and freezing cold and Tameka and Matt were both out in it. Matt training for a marathon and Tameka just getting her daily exercise. Tameka posted about it and Matt took the opportunity and just slid straight into her DMs suggesting they might like to exercise together one day "what about today?" Sharp move Matt! And that, family and friends is how we all ended up here today!


Tameka and Matt had been waiting for the right one to come along. Waiting for the one who simply adored them. The kind of person who would bring out the best in themselves and make them want to be a better person, the person with the same passion for weight training who would drop everything to be with them at any time no matter what the circumstances; the person who would make them smile with their similar dark humour as no one else did. Matt and Tameka had found the one in each other, and over the years from those walks around Ballarat, they took up their next adventure.


They grew close rapidly and within a few months, they became 'official'. From there they worked to combine their lives and bring their worlds together; they befriended each other's mates and were thrilled to be welcomed by each other's families.

The Day

When Tameka was late coming to the ceremony! Omg watching the raw videos really captured the stress and anticipation poor Matt was experiencing. Sue (our celebrant) had started the music which played right until the end. To realize Tameka was actually taking her sweet time and going to the toilet and checking her make up! She had no idea the ceremony has started. Sue came rushing down the aisle, symbolling and stating, cut the music!! We had to do a second take, and Matt was delighted to finally see Tameka arrive!

A highlight of our day was having our Woody boy - our golden retriever at the wedding, he was so well behaved. Very different to his usual destructive behavior at home. Big hat off to the wedding sitter - Karen, she did so well!

Celebrant: Sue Warner, Bellarine Celebrant

Venue: Jack Rabbit Vineyard

Signs: Little Love Signs

Invites & Menus: Dot & Grain

Pet Chaperone: The Wedding Sitter

Dress: Foreverness Bridal

Bridal Shoes: Harlo Shoes

Bridal Earrings: The Littl

Bride & Groom Rings: Tiffany

Bridesmaids Dresses: Forever new

Bridesmaids Jewellery: Francesca

Bridal Tan: Rubi Wax and Beauty

Brows: Shannon - In the Raw

Suits: Menzclub

Flowers: The Posie Place

Cake: Sugar and Fleur

Champagne tower - Miss Fizz

Photography/Videographer: DUUET

Music: Geelong Entertainment

Hair: Claire Thompson

Make up: Megan Gerlach

Transport: Empire Limousines

Accommodation: Bride: Novotel Geelong

Accommodation Groom: Geelong Waterfront penthouse

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