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Geelong Wedding Guide
Tips & Tricks

To assist you make the most out of the expo, we have put together a few tips and tricks

  • Always look interested, try not to be on your phone all the time

  • Stand rather than sit if you can as it is more welcoming for couples to come up and have a chat.

  • Wear a name tag so people know who you are!

  • Tell couples the real wedding experiences you’ve had, they love to hear that you’ve ‘done it all before’ and know what you’re talking about

  • If you have standard pricing or standard packages, have your pricing ready to go on a brochure or available to tell them on the day. Couple are more likely to lock you in if you are confident with your pricing structure.

  • If you’re just starting out and this is your first expo, don’t tell the couples that! Confidence is everything and your prospective clients need to be confident that you know what you’re doing & talking about

  • Have a pen & paper ready to grab people's emails to send them more info straight after the event. Another alternative during Covid times is a QR code – you can create your own for free using various online methods. We’ve found Jot Form to be an easy to create QR code generator.

  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to expect couples to make a booking on the day with you, or even in the weeks after the expo. We find that people will follow you online and then book you in weeks or months after the expo. Make sure your enquiry forms have a ‘where did you hear about us’ section so that you know which forms of advertising are working/not working for you.

  • Chat to all the vendors you’re around. Expos are a great way to boost your network – always remember community over competition! It’s usually much quieter in the second half of the day from 12-2, even more so with Covid as people aren’t usually keen on hanging around longer than they need to, so make sure you utilise this time to get to know your fellow vendors. In our experience, this is key to the success for each and every one of our businesses 😊

  • Use some of the local vendors who are involved with the expo to help create your stand and add that little bit extra.

    • Little Love Signs or, Tahlia Fursland, for signage and design needs.​​

    • Florals - Bloom Rock, Beachside Blooms, Zosflorals

    • Backdrops - Style Our Party, A Simple Wish Events, 

  • Have fun and don’t forget to SMILE!

Here are a few images of some great booths from the past few expos:

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