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By Sarah Czarnuch

Your big day is finally here. With everything else organised all that’s left now to consider is the all-important wedding day clutch. And like a good Girl Scout, you should be fully prepared. Ready to handle any beauty dilemma that comes your way. With minimal space to spare it’s important to pack smart and condense down to just the necessities. 

Rest assured everyone, I’ve done the hard work for you and curated the perfect wedding day clutch check list. Consider this your big day survival pack that ensures your glam stays on-point from champagne breakfast until the very last dance. 


Lip Colour touch up

I’m yet to come across a lip product that could withstand a day full of eating and drinking without the need for reapplication. Whether you’ve opted for a bold red or a subtle nude it’s important to always have your touch up bases covered. Once you and your makeup artist agree upon a lip shade be sure to organise your own lipstick to keep handy throughout the day. Mecca offer a great range of Mac Cosmetics mini lipsticks that will fit snugly into your clutch when space is an issue. 

Lipstick / Mini M·A·C - M·A·C Cosmetics | MECCA 



Powder puff

your wedding day is all about radiating and from the inside out. While I love a subtle highlight, too much shine is something we want to avoid. I love the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder as it helps remove oil residue without flattening the skin.  From my personal experience it’s the best powder creating luminous skin, making it the perfect selection for your big day touch ups.  

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder | MECCA 


Eyelash glue 

With the growing trend of cat-eye liner and volume lashes, all day maintenance is of the utmost importance. Early morning application, varying elements and the celebratory happy tears often mean your lashes may begin to lift before you even make it to the reception. Prepare yourself for any wedding day variable by carrying a small tube of lash glue to ensure you can easily reapply if needed.  

Buy DUO Striplash Adhesive 7 g by Ardell Online | Priceline 



Your wedding day signature scent is the perfect opportunity to express yourself and encapsulate exactly how you want to feel on your big day. Opting for a scent with lighter, fruitier, and floral undertones is always a winner especially for a spring/summer ceremony. Dior JOY is the perfect longwearing scent; it’s a floral based scent comprised with undertones of musk and citrus fruits. ‘Joy is finally captured in a scent, marked by both enveloping softness and energy. An ode to pleasure and happiness.’ 

JOY by Dior | Eau de parfum – Dior Online Boutique Australia 



I guess this one isn’t exactly an obvious beauty related tip, and a water bottle may be too large to fit into a clutch. However, this is a gentle reminder to hydrate yourself prior, during and post wedding day. This will ensure your skin is glowing, and help you feel a lot better the next day especially after a few champagnes. 

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