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What is a wedding day pet chaperone, and why do you need one? 

- The Wedding Sitter

I was much like you back when I was planning our wedding with my partner-to-be, and there was just no way that we could say “I do” without having our darling cat Theodore by our side. 


It was such a great idea in theory, but when it came to executing it we realised it was actually a complete nightmare to coordinate! After much deliberation, we ended up asking one of our friends to take on the job, but the guilt I felt for taking her away from enjoying our day fully was immense! It was not long after our wedding that I came to the realisation that with my years of experience as a vet nurse, and now knowing exactly what it’s like to plan a wedding - I was the best person to solve this problem for others! 


What we do: 

  • On the day we arrive to your home in plenty of time to take your dogs for a big walk 

  • We transport your pet to the venue and tour them around the facilities, let them have a good sniff and acclimatize 

  • We dress them to look the part in their wedding-day attire (available for hire as part of our service) 

  • Have them greet your guests they’re arriving and get any pre-ceremony jitters out 

  • Coordinate any role or involvement they have in your ceremony (walking down the aisle as ring bearer or flower dog for example) 

  • Work alongside your photographer to capture those special moments during your portraits 

  • After the formalities are over, we take your pets back home and go through their nighttime routine - feeding them dinner, medicating them if required, picking up any poops in the backyard, tucking them into bed, and overnight sitting if needed. 


It is a complete service for your pet on the day - every little thing is taken care of without any effort for you, I guess you could say we’re like your pet’s wedding day PA! 


Why you need us: 

  • We take care of the transport to and from the venue - no guest will have to take themselves away from the festivities to ferry your pets back and forward 

  • We are experts in keeping jumping dogs off dresses, we got you ladies! 

  • We’re happy being covered in hair and picking up poo on the day (rather us than one of your guests) 

  • We are 100% there for your pets with no distractions - we don’t mind missing some of your ceremony to slip away and calm down an excitable or restless dog so they’re not interrupting any important moments for you and your guests 

  • We come equipped with plenty of lint rollers, baby wipes and poo bags for any accidents 

  • Last but not least, we are qualified and experienced. Our team are vet nurses or hold other animal care industry qualifications - we are confident handling pets of all breeds and all temperaments, we are trained in treating medical conditions, we’ve got plenty of hands-on experience with behavioural concerns, and we know exactly what to do in an emergency.  


We’re not the new kids on the block, this is our fourth wedding season and we have now serviced well over 100 weddings around Victoria. Our team have seen and done it all - every couple, pet and wedding is unique and we want to work with you to bring your vision to life. 


We take pets to weddings, for couples who can’t say “I Do” without them! 

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