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With the unknown happening in the world right now, plus the boredom of isolation with no real end in sight our reality, we've put together some DIY for you to have a go at while in lock-down.

Google and Pinterest are about to become your wedding best friends (if they weren't already!). But, we've obviously started that process off for you. Usually there is never any time to get these types of projects kicked off, but as we are all in the same boat here, we've got nothing but time at the moment!


Below are five wedding favours you can make yourself, most likely with items already at home or easily accessible at either the supermarket or online. We highly recommend Etsy & eBay to assist with these projects too.

1. Soy Candles - these cute little favours can be such a fun little project to get stuck into. All you'll need is some jars/tins (check out eBay or Kmart online), soy wax, wicks and some fragrance (eBay). Plus some stickers and a printer or hand drawn labels to customise. Here's a step-by-step guide we found for you!


2. Tea Favours - these cute and inexpensive favours are for the tea lovers out there. All you'll need it a brown paper bag, a marker, stencil & some tea. Or you can always purchase them pre-made via Etsy and just add tea.

You could always mix and match with these tea favours and the next DIY idea to mix it up a little.

3. Coffee bean favours - if you're a coffee lover (and let's be honest, who isn't!?) these are a great gift for your guests to take home. What you need is some coffee beans or chocolate covered coffee beans, jars/tins/tubes, twine & labels. You could get extra fancy and roast your own special blend. Here's a step by step guide we hunted down for you ;)

4. Spice Blend Favours - now, everyone has a use for spices! These delicious and useful favours look super cute and are seriously easy to make. Plus, other than the jars, everything can be purchased at the supermarket!

All you'll need is some jars/vessels, herbs & spices. Here some simple recipes we found for you online.

5. Mini Succulents - these little cuties will brighten up your guests homes & offices whilst being super affordable and fun to make. All you'll need is some mini pots, potting mix & obviously some succulents! Start first with some succulent cuttings (you'll most likely find these in your neighborhood! for free) as they'll take a bit of time. Once they're all grown to a sufficient size for your pots - get planting! Here's some tips on how to propagate those bad boys.

Images via Pinterest & Etsy

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