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Zoe & Tristan

As seen in Geelong Wedding Guide Magazine


Our Love Story

How many puns can you fit into a love story? Probably not what you were expecting to read, but the circumstances of Zoe and Tristian’s first interaction are not something we can ignore.  

Zoe and Tristian first met at University while studying optometry. Cute, but wait for it. Their first real interaction was blind-drunk, on the dancefloor at their faculty’s biggest night of the year – the Eye Ball. Come on! It was meant to be!   

Originally from different parts of the country, Zoe and Tristian have done life together in many different ways. In opposite hometowns together, separated by long distance, and in a brand new city they explored together to create their own new memories. After building a life together on their own terms, the pair became engaged a year after their biggest move yet and starting planning for the perfect day that will would bring together everything and everyone they love.   

The Day

Surrounded by the olive grove and vineyard of Merne at Lighthouse, Zoe and Tristian worked with their vendors to create a blissful and serene celebration of their love.  


Perfectly captured by their photographer Courtney (With Love from Near and Far), a highlight for the couple was their first-look before the wedding ceremony. The chaos of the day melted away in the privacy of this intimate moment, and Zoe and Tristian will forever has this special memory of just the of two of them on their special day.   

Both coming from families of four siblings, Zoe and Tristian filled their wedding party with their brothers and sisters – Tristian’s sister taking on the role of best-woman and Zoe’s brothers as her brides-man and flower-man. A truly special moment for their parents to see all the children standing at the altar supporting each other.   

Setting the scene for the night to come, music from Isaac McKenzie got everyone moving and from there the night was one big celebration.   

You know we couldn’t end this love story without another pun, but we just couldn’t see eye to eye on which one to use. 

Venue - Merne at the Lighthouse

Photographer - Courtney Hoskin, The Hogans photography

Flowers -  Beachside Blooms

Celebrant -Father Mark Freeman -Church of the Apostles Launceston, Tasmania

Make up - Emily McGrath

Hair -Amelia Rose

Music - Isaac McKenzie

Dress - And the Veil

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