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Ballroom Baby

Ballroom Baby are professional ballroom dance teachers, and specialise in dances for couples. That's why we are best at creating a unique dance for each couple that we teach. We can make dances as simple, or as complicated as you like, to any song that you wish.

Unlike other dance studios, couple dances are our main focus and we are run by young people, focused on making your wedding dance as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Additionally, Ballroom Baby is proud to be a safe space for LGBT+ couples, run by an LGBT couple.

Ballroom Baby Geelong is a dance studio in Geelong CBD which specialises in couples dance classes. We launched in 2016 to provide a contemporary take on ballroom and couples dance lessons. Since 2016, we have helped over 150 couples craft unique dances for their weddings.

Each dance is individually choreographed to reflect the uniqueness of your story. Since 2020 we have operated out of our own studio on Ryrie Street, to provide you a relaxed atmosphere to learn your dance.

Marcus _ Sharmane - Seashells wedding ph

Seashells Wedding Photography

Charlie _ Kim - Immerse photography.jpg

Immerse Photography

Toni and Paras_ first wedding dance, pho

Alexandra Bradley Photography

Tom _ Alex - Handzaround Video and Photo

Handzaround Photography

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