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Our Mission
Vision & Values

Our Mission

To be Geelong’s premier hub for all local couples planning their wedding, representing both the region and the wedding industry.

Our Vision

To continue building a hub through our online directory, expos and magazine publications that provides information that is both functional and accessible to anyone and everyone planning a wedding.

Our Values

Inclusivity - At Geelong Wedding Guide, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are and what we do. Our commitment is shown in all our work, across all mediums. Being a diverse and inclusive company has a positive impact on our local community, and helps us better serve our clients, partners, content creators, employees and most importantly our readers.

Integrity - Our actions are driven from a place of honesty and transparency; we take steps to build trusting relationships within the industry.

Innovation - We build on success; we embrace the new and continue to challenge the status quo.

Community over competition - A vibrant industry is made up of many businesses competing in a healthy way. We believe that healthy competition ensures each business delivers the best outcome to its customers. Healthy competition in our view promotes long term industry growth rather than short term individual growth.

Quality - To produce quality content for everything that we create for our clients and readers.

Reliability - Geelong Wedding Guide encompasses our commitment to the customer, so we operate consistently and are trusted because our words will always match our actions.

Our Objectives

  1. To produce an epic annual printed publication featuring local businesses within the local wedding industry.

  2. To host an annual wedding expo that is innovative and accessible to both vendors and attendees within our region.

  3. To continue building and developing an online directory as a hub for Geelong’s wedding industry.

  4. To continue working on inclusivity within our industry, educating both ourselves and our stakeholders to avoid using terms such as bride and/or groom to ensure inclusive language is used across all mediums.

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