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Bottlebrush Film

About us (in the words of our couples)


"Your videos are sick & exactly the kind of casual, quirky story telling style we've been looking for"


"In particular, we love the Harry + Ash film for the fun vibes, and we love the Kate + Gaby film for the amazing shots & story telling"


"Hi team, can I firstly just say, we are absolutely loving the text on this website, we clearly have very similar humour!"


"I have been obsessed with your films since seeing a TikToker posted her entire wedding video on YouTube and I watched the whole thing. Multiple times."


"Your previous videos have inspired us to sit down and write out our story from our two unique perspectives. Your unique storytelling has made us give a lot more thought as to what we want our wedding to be about. We are still working through the details because we want it to be authentically us."


"We love your work, art on film."


"Holy F*@$! sorry not too sure what other words to say! We've just watched the video. and in Sophie's words 'Holy crap balls'. There literally aren't words to express our appreciation and gratitude we're in tears even after the third watch. You 100% got us, and what we wanted, and communicated it in such a beautiful way, from the music, the imagery, and the story within the story. Your art has a home in our lives forever."


All of the above is why we do what we do. This ain't business, it's personal - so come get personal with us.

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