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Brian & Rebecca

As seen in Geelong Wedding Guide Magazine


Our Love Story

Call it fate, call it destiny, call it what you will – Becky and Brian were meant to be. For 17 years the universe lay in wait for the couple to come together, dating as young teenagers and staying friends while life pulled them in different directions. After crisscrossing paths for all those years, a moment of clarity struck them both and brought Becky and Brian back together. Now, making up for lost time, the couple have shared some incredible experiences together as a couple over the last 4 years. 

The Day

For Becky and Brian, their wedding ceremony was the pinnacle of a journey they’ve trekked both separately and together. The moment Becky started walking down the aisle, the couple’s emotions were flowing and their guests were privy to just how magical their love truly is. Bringing together traditions they hold dear the couple included an egg-cracking ceremony, traditional to Indonesian weddings, as a symbol of fertility and servitude to each other.   

After the formalities were done, the couple added theatre to their first dance with its very own surprise reveal. Setting up a decoy dance floor, Becky and Brian concealed their real dancefloor with blacked out doors and windows – their MC revealing the couple behind the barn doors complete with smoke, cannons, a backdrop from Bangin Hangins, a second dress for Becky and mirror balls!  

With the party well underway, Becky surprised Brian with a limited-edition Green Day electric guitar for their planned performance of ‘Time of your Life’ - a movie-like ending to their reception to rival the greatest rom-coms.  

With a romance that reads like a classic novel, a wedding day that looks like a movie – Becky and Brian finally have each other, the perfect happily ever after.  

Beverages: Boutique Event Co

Venue: Rocklea Farm

Catering: Pizza Wagon

Photographer: Love & Other

Decor: Bangin Hangins

Audio Visual and Lighting: Phaseshift

Decor: Dress My Wedding,

Photobooth: Big Day Little Booth

 Signage: Little Love Signs

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