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Brittany & Brendan

As seen in Geelong Wedding Guide Magazine

Love Story

For Brittany and Brendan, the universe was determined that they would cross paths. Officially meeting with the help of their sisters who had their own friendship together, the couple had actually already met a year earlier and were on the same group chat without even realising. Initially Brittany didn’t feel a spark and after attempting to ignore Brendan’s messages, she had a change of heart and gave him another chance. Lucky for the two of them the universe finally won out, and their love story finally began.

The Day

Just like the rest of their love story, reality and fate had very different plans for Brittany and Brendan’s wedding day. Falling victim to Victoria’s sharpest snap lockdown, 45 minutes was all it was going to take to get Brittany and Brendan married before the 1pm deadline and restrictions cancelling their big day.


Together with their incredible team of vendors, the couple did everything they could to make sure the couple still said I do. As Nicole Penning, the couples celebrant, remembers fondly - ‘I text Britt and said, how about I marry you at 12pm? She wrote back, "Yes". We were on! I called The Batesford Hotel - they were right for 12pm. I called the Rach from The Posie Place - she was already all set up ready to go. I called the Stef Driscoll - she was in her car on her way! We were set! Britt was at Blush Bar, she was ready - let's do this! So a 1pm wedding, turned into a 12pm wedding, with 45 minutes notice. It was sensational! Magical, breathtaking, special, unique, memorable, crazy, chaotic and brilliant - all wrapped up into one!’


And just like that, love won the day – in record time!  

Batesford Hotel

The Posie Place

Stef Driscoll Photography

Nicole Penning Civil celebrant

Blush Bar

Karen Willis Holmes

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