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by Boutique Event Co.

Cocktail (and mocktails!), who doesn’t love them!? But there is a misconception that they cost a small fortune to add to your menu. We’re here to challenge that theory! At Boutique Event Co, we offer a BYO beverage service to 95% of our clients. This means the client purchases all their own beverages and we serve it up for you. We supply you the bar, glassware ice and most importantly, epic bar staff to serve the beverages.  

When you order a cocktail at a bar, you can expect to pay at least $15 per drink. Calculate that by five cocktails that 100 guests each might drink over a six-hour period. Yep, that’s a whole lotta $$! But if you’re open to supplying your own booze, this is where we can help with all the tips and tricks you need to save on costs without compromising on quality.  

Our top tips: 

  • Choose cocktails with only one shot of alcohol. 

  • Choose cocktails that have a basic spirit rather than a boutique liquor. 

  • Use frozen berries instead of fresh. 

  • Use pre-made juice options rather than freshly squeezed. 

  • Opt for supermarket branded mixers. 

  • Choose fruit that is in season. 

  • Find a friend or family member with a lemon or lime tree. 

  • DIY your own sugar syrup. 


And here with the trade secrets, some of our favourite recipes: 

Passionfruit Mojito 

  • Bacardi 

  • Passionfruit pulp 

  • Fresh Mint 

  • Fresh Lime 

  • Sugar Syrup 

  • Soda Water 

Vodka Berry 

  • Vodka  

  • Raspberry Cordial 

  • Frozen Berries 

  • Lemonade 

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