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Dani Bartlett

For lovers of fun & colour


I'm Dani, and (in case you didn't notice) I'm a photographer! But actually, it wasn't photography that drew me to becoming a portrait photographer. Rather, it was photographs themselves.


The way that an image can transport us back to another time, so vivid it almost seems like we're there in that place, with that person or those people. There is something epic about the way an honest photograph tells a story and connects us to our own history.


And in the moment itself? Well, I think portrait photography is just a whole lot of fun! It's intimate and special and a rare moment when the only thing you need to worry about is connecting with the ones you love.

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About Dani Bartlett

Married to my teenage sweetheart (we met at 17 & 18), mum to crazy toddler and dog mum to one lazy black greyhound X lab (If you're wondering what that looks like, I'll send you a photo).


My calm place is in the water, preferably scuba diving whenever I can.


Big smiles and colourful earrings. Laughing all the time - but I'm definitely the person to laugh at my awkwardness.

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