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Delaney & Jared


Our Love Story

We met at the Aireys pub, and it was Jared's friend Blake that actually introduced us because Jared was apparently too intimidated to talk to me. We talked all night and got on so well and then we dated for a couple of months before he asked me to be his girlfriend in which I replied is this a joke? and he said no why? and I said its April fools day and he said oh I didn't know but I can ask you to be my girlfriend tomorrow and I said no its fine and then 5 years later we got engaged on April's fools day to keep the joke going and then a year after that we got married on April fools day which was honestly the best day we could have asked for. Since we met, we have travelled to Vanuatu and Europe, bought our first home, which we are currently renovating and adopted our two energetic boxer dogs Lily and Dexter.

The Day

Besides marring my husband! Just seeing a room full of people who we love, being there and supporting us on our big day was so special to us and to see everyone getting along and dancing together was a sight to see.

My dad and father in laws outfit change would have to be up there in the best moments of the day, everyone could not stop talking about them! everyone of dads friends came up to me and said your dad won't last long in a suit! i replied I know, that's why he's not the only one with an outfit change today! not only did they have an outfit change but my mum and myself did, mum changed into a funky feather suit so she could dance and my layered tulle dress by Lainie Brookman Couture turned into a mini dress effortlessly meaning I could dance the night away without tripping or ruining my dress!

Jessie Belle was amazing on the day as our celebrant, she was bubbly, loud and funny which is the same as Jared and I, so we easily hit it off when we were choosing our celebrant.

Overall, our day went so well, getting ready with the bridal party in one house made everything so much easier as the girls could get ready together while keeping an eye on the boys so they didn't get too rowdy before the ceremony, even though Jareds suit did get a little destroyed during photos as the boys tackled him for photos but you'd never know if you didn't know.

Gown: Lainie Brookman Couture

Shoes: Myer, Pink Inc

Hair: Blush Bar

Makeup: Blush Bar

Suits: P. Johnson Tailors

Rings: The Diamond Guys

Celebrant: Jessie Belle

Ceremony: Poppies Nursery, Anglesea

Reception: Last One Inn, Anglesea

Flowers: Robertsons Farmgate

Catering: Last One Inn did all the coking for the reception and Poppies Nursery did all canapés for our ceremony

Cake and desserts: Little Miss Merlot

Photography: Chamore Creations

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