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Emma & Mua

As seen in Geelong Wedding Guide Magazine


Our Love Story

2020 changed the world in a lot of different ways and for Emma and Mua, their world’s completely changed when they matched online.  


For their first date, Emma remembers asking Mua to walk to the café with her to avoid the awkwardness of sharing her messy car – but undeterred, Mua and Emma hit it off instantly and they started seeing each other as often as they could.  


If you ask Toby (Emma’s pet Labrador) the real test for their relationship was when Mua first met Toby. And while the pair didn’t initially hit it off, they soon become best buddies. Combining their families under one roof with Emma’s two children and a newly adopted boxer Laila, Emma and Mua’s relationship has gone from strength to strength.  


Designing a life for themselves based on true love, respect and appreciation for each other, Emma and Mua only want the best for each other, pursuing their dreams and creating memories as a family.  

Our Day

Jumping at the chance to elope with their sisters as witnesses, Emma and Mua’s big opportunity came when Mua’s sister decided to head back home to New Zealand. Moving fast to secure a date, the couple enlisted the help of Big Love Elopements in early July and by mid-August they were husband and wife! Crediting Love Elopements to a stress-free lead up to their special day, Emma and Mua were ready to say ‘I do’ thanks to the hard work of Jesse and the team.  

On the day, Emma and Mua went back to café where they had their first date and spent the morning getting ready together with close family. Staying close to Emma’s parent’s home, the couple headed down the road to found a nice quiet spot together along the river and made their love official.  

A highlight of the ceremony for Emma was Mua clearly writing his vows before Emma’s parents were invited which made for some awkward but hilarious references.  

Officially married in front of their closest loved ones, the couple spent time capturing the moment with their photographer Jake, soaking up the intimate moment as they chatted and walked for the first time as husband and wife. Continuing the celebration, champagne and good food was enjoyed as the small wedding party headed to Justin Lane for a night made for toasting love.  

Celebrant: Jessie Belle, Big Love Elopements

Photographer:  Hogan Weddings, Big Love Elopments

Hair & Makeup: Cherie Green Makeup

Venue: Shelford

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