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Marriage Celebrant

I'm Kahani and I hitch life-loving legends in Geelong and Melbourne, between and beyond.

I'm here for the open-minded lovers. The folks who fancy some well-balanced playfulness injected into their nuptials. The pairs who seek a specially crafted ceremony that reflects their vibe, sets the tone for their day, and is refreshing for all ears in the room.

You see, I like to think what sets me apart as a celebrant is having a super zestful personality yet also a down-to-earth relatability. My personal mission is to create a series of moments which both move you and groove you (and all your biggest fans). But of equal priority for me is creating a genuine yet cruisy connection with you two, allowing you gorgeous specimens to really just be yourselves both in our prep for and on your big day.

A little more about Kahani

I'm a young, big-feeling, adventure-loving lass, and I live in Geelong with a handsome man named Nicholas.

Besides marrying legends like you, I love running and dancing, backpacking and van-venturing, weeping in movies (or each season finale of The OC), reading in cafes, playing rowdy games at family catch-ups, and holding hands with my darling.

I became a marriage celebrant because I realised that no job more miraculously combined my existing passions and skill set: my previous six years of professional public speaking experience (as a seminar presenter and workshop facilitator), my love and knack for running my own business, but perhaps most critically, my fascination with creative writing and psychology which I studied in turn at uni. A rather handy combo, it turns out, for weaving wonderful words about how two entirely unique souls came to fall in love.

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