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Kayla Thorley

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Centred in Werribee South, Kayla Thorley HMUA offers professional

and unparalleled service for your bridal party or special event. Kayla has been a makeup artist and hairstylist in the bridal industry for over five years and specialises in natural makeup and soft glam looks. Kayla has a modern approach to beauty. Her philosophy is to use makeup to make you an enhanced version of yourself, without taking away from your natural beauty. Kayla has built her business on making clients feel like

a better version of themselves and prides herself on making her clients feel beautiful in their own skin. For that fantastic finish you want on your wedding day, give Kayla Thorley HMUA a call.

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Makeup and hair was never what I thought I would be doing as a career. I am a classically trained pianist and still work as a piano teacher. I first started my makeup journey whilst at University as a side hustle which has now turned into a massive passion. I love making people feel confident in their own skin and catering looks to suit everyone!

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