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Peter & Christian

As seen in Geelong Wedding Guide Magazine


Love Story

2004 – remember that year? The Athens Olympics, dating sites with no photos (pardon?) and Mary Donaldson became Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. 

For Peter and Christian, 2004 was the start of something magical. After first connecting on a dating site, Peter invited Christian to a friend’s house to watch the Olympics and after settling in, the pair spent the evening chatting before deciding to leave together. A true pair of gentlemen, Peter and Christian shared an innocent taxi ride and as if in a real-life fairy tale, Christian (or Cinderella for the purpose of this story) somehow lost his shoe in the taxi – never to be seen again! 

After that first night, it was obvious there was an undeniable connection between Peter and Christian, and from then on Christian made the trip from Melbourne to Geelong several times a week. Sharing their relationship with their loved ones brought the couple closer together and it was Peter’s father that welcomed Christian to the family, uniting this beautiful couple forevermore.   


The Day

Witnessing the love that two people have for each and sharing that with that world is one of life’s greatest honours. The wedding of Peter and Christian truly shines in the reflection of the love their nearest and dearest held for them that day. 

Choosing 1915 as the perfect blend of style and location, the couple entrusted their love story with their celebrant Ruth and the pair were married surrounded by greenery and bright florals.  

A highlight for Peter and Christian was having Christian’s grandmother walk him down the aisle, and you can almost feel the joy leaping off the pictures so lovingly captured by their photographer Mike. 

Spending the rest of the night celebrating with friends and family, the party kicked on at Recess Bar where the couple invited twenty of their closest friends. Their night was made - complete with good vibes, a few shots or two, and a Drag Queen for good measure. We’ll cheers to that!  

Photography: Mike Atchison

Venue: 1915

Celebrant: Ruth Ketchen

Flowers: Whimsical Wildflowers

Jewellery: J.A.B Jewellers

Cake: Natacakes

Car: Coastal Kombi Weddings

Suits: Browes Fashions

Band: Angie Hilton

A-Frame Little Love Signs

Hair Stylist: Reggaes Hairdressing

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