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Sustainable Fashion:
Our Modern, Conscious Bride

By Jade Tabak, Founder & Creative Director, Soho Bride

In 2015 I discovered a whole new world of style that sparked a creative venture I didn’t see coming. Modern bridal opened my eyes to a brand-new aesthetic and fast forward nearly nine years later, and it’s evolved to a movement of empowered brides choosing to create a wedding day that is aligned to their core values. 

When I first discovered modern bridal, or what later came to be rebranded as the ‘cool bride’ movement, it inspired me to dig deeper and create something special. Building on the cool-bride style and departing from the traditional wedding norms, I became utterly obsessed with a handful of designers changing the bridal scene. They were designing contemporary, effortless, fashion-forward wedding dresses for the new modern bride. I carefully selected my favourite designers to launch my store and SoHo Bride was born.  


In 2023 wedding dresses command their own place in the fashion world. So much so, the dress (and bridal fashion in general) has become amalgamated with the world of fast fashion. Bridal fashion has become exciting and trend setting; but with all this momentum, can the modern and conscious bride shop sustainably?   

I believe the answer is yes and this is largely thanks to a paradigm shift in the way couples are approaching modern weddings. Moving away from what was a carbon copy event, couples are tailoring their weddings as a celebration that represents them as a couple and their love for each other. Because of this, the backdrop to which the modern bride is getting married has also changed. While brides are seeking a more unique style for their big day, they are also becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their choices. The rise of responsible consumerism is steering people away from fast fashion and towards a mindset of longevity and quality. 

Through artfully curating a collection of gowns, SoHo bride offers ethical options for today’s conscious consumer. We have affiliated ourselves with likeminded brands, selecting styles that both embody and transcend the latest trends. Take the Payton gown by London designer Charlie Brear as an example. This gown’s minimal, modern design allows our brides to add their own personality with statement earrings, a veil, overskirt, jacket or sleeves. This gown is one of many minimal, modern designs brides will find in our store. Less is more is our vibe. 

When shopping for a gown, affordability is high on the list of priorities. Equally crucial is the emphasis on quality and ethical production practices. SoHo bride advocates for transparency in the supply chain, affiliating only with designers who do the same. From concept to creation, all production takes place within the design house of our stocked brands. We believe in slow fashion and not mass production, ensuring each gown is made especially for each bride. All our gowns are made to order, meaning we don’t have piles of stock that would end up in a landfill. 

One of the key pillars of sustainable fashion lies in the materials used. Traditional polyester and synthetic fabrics have faced criticism for their inability to biodegrade and unsustainable manufacturing processes. Fabrics like linen, recycled fabrics and bamboo satin are great alternatives and boast lower environmental footprints. Our own in-house brand Chasing the Sun offers a collection made from recycled rose petals. A delicate silk weave that floats like a cloud and doesn't cost the earth. 


As the bridal industry continues to grapple with its environmental and social responsibilities, sustainable practice represents a beacon of hope for a more conscientious future. By embracing innovation, ethical practices, and mindful consumption, the threads of change are weaving a brighter outlook that transcends seasons and styles - paving the way for an industry that not only looks good but does good. 



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