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The Wedding Sitter

So you're engaged and planning the most picture-perfect wedding day - but there's one thing left - making sure your four-legged family members can be part of the celebrations!

Whether they'll be getting ready with you, your "Dog of Honour", Ring Bearer, a seated guest, or simply present for professional photos - we are there to ensure the day runs smoothly.

With our team of vet industry professionals at The Wedding Sitter, rest assured knowing a qualified and experienced chaperone has your baby in their hands for your most special occasion.

Let your guests enjoy themselves and be fully present with you - leave the responsibility of muddy paws, furry clothes and cleaning up poop to us!

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Hi there! I'm Karryn, founder and director of The Wedding Sitter.


I bet you're wondering how we got here! It began when my husband Alex and I were married in May of 2019 and had to have our darling cat, Theodore, involved in our day.

Great idea in theory, but then came the logistics and it was not so easy. How would we transport him to and from the venue? Who would look after him during the ceremony? Who will clean up after him? Who would feed him, medicate him and take care of him on the wedding night!

The last thing we wanted to do was take one of our friends or family away from celebrating with us!


Realising that nothing in our area offered these services, coupled with my many years of experience as a Veterinary Nurse, we fast forward to October 2019 and The Wedding Sitter was born.


My husband Alex and I live just outside of Geelong with our little family - we have Theodore the Devon Rex and (since our wedding) we've adopted two Whippets, Stella & Millie. We had our first human baby, Eviana, in January 2022 and are very much in love with our little girl!

You'll sometimes see Alex at weddings with me, taking photos and helping out if we're chaperoning multiple pets.


Since our inception, the team has grown considerably - there are now 6 amazing Vet Nurses working alongside me! As we go into our 4th wedding season this year, we are so excited to have our biggest one yet!

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