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Tom & Felicity


Our Love Story

Tom and Felicity wanted a no-fuss wedding, focusing on what truly mattered: celebrating their love with the people closest to them. They decided on a small, intimate ceremony, inviting only their immediate family and best friends. The following weekend, they planned a surprise reception, where guests believed they were attending the actual wedding. Little did they know, Tom and Felicity had already tied the knot in secret a week prior.

Felicity's creativity shone through in the details. She crafted a unique ring box out of Lego, a playful nod to their shared love for simple joys. With her sister's help, she arranged all the florals, ensuring everything looked beautiful and personal. The emphasis was on family and friends, making the day feel warm and genuine.

The ceremony itself was short and sweet, reflecting Tom and Felicity's desire for a no-fuss celebration. They exchanged heartfelt vows, surrounded by their loved ones, in a setting that was both intimate and meaningful. The simplicity of the day highlighted their deep connection and love for each other.

When the surprise reception arrived, their guests were thrilled and touched by the thoughtfulness and effort Tom and Felicity had put into making the day special. The atmosphere was filled with joy and laughter, as everyone celebrated the newlyweds without the pressure and formalities of a traditional wedding.

In the end, Tom and Felicity's wedding was a perfect reflection of who they are: a couple who values love, family, and friends above all else. Their no-fuss approach created a memorable and heartfelt celebration, filled with the kind of moments that truly matter.

Photographer: Hey Babe Photography

Videographer: Bottlebrush Films
Florals: DIY by the bride 
Suit: Twisted Taylors
Ceremony Venue: The Pavillion, Geelong 
Reception Venue: Coastal Forest Lodge 
Photobooth: Penny Lane Photobooth

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