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Geelong Wedding Guide
Vendor Information

To assist you with the lead up to the expo and the planning process we have put together some key information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the 2024 expo being held?

The expo is being held at the Deakin Waterfront Campus on Sunday, 21 January 2024.

What time can I set up my space?

You are welcome to come and set up your space between 3pm - 5pm on Saturday, 20 January or, from 7am on Sunday, 21 January. All expo stands need to be set up by 9.30am.

Please note the bump in and out information for the Courtyard below.  
Please ensure you read the information at the bottom of the page in regard to updated bump in and bump out restrictions from Deakin University.

What time can I pack up on Sunday?

We ask you to please not to pack up before 2pm as there may still be attendees wandering around the exhibition space.

What time does the expo start?

Doors open at 10am on Sunday, 21 January 2024.

Where can I park my car?

There is very limited on-street parking along Gheringhap Street and Smythe Street. We suggest parking along Western Beach or, Cunningham Pier. Further information about parking options can be found here.

Is there anything I am not allowed as part of my space?

Due to venue restrictions, we are unable to have any lit candles indoors, balloons on dispay or, alcohol tastings for attendees.

Do I have power at my site?

If you have indicated, you would like power available on your application form we have tried to ensure you have access. Please check the site plan when it becomes available in January to ensure you are located near power should you require access. If you have not indicated you need power and do so, please email Kirsty Howell.

Please also ensure you bring your own extension cord if require and gaffer tape to secure any cords to avoid any health and safety issues. Expo staff will be keeping an eye on these safety concerns. throughout the setup process and expo. 

Are there tables and chairs available for my space if I need them?

Tables and chairs are available from the venue free of charge should you require them. Please advise Kirsty no later than Wednesday, 10 January if you require tables and chairs. 

The tables are not aesthetically pleasing, we recommend that you bring a cloth to cover them.

Who can I contact if I have any more questions or, need some more information?

Kirsty Howell, Admin & Expo Coordinator, Geelong Wedding Guide,

Please note the guidelines for the courtyard access at Deakin University, Waterfront Campus.

Vehicle access to the courtyard is no longer possible, except for pre-approved vehicles that are part of a display in the courtyard.


Any vehicles that are permitted within the courtyard will be required to provide the following information:

  • Weight of vehicle

  • Registration plate number

  • Time of arrival

If you are located within the courtyard, please send the above information through to Kirsty Howell to arrange for approval from Deakin no later than Wednesday 10 January 2024.

Vehicles will not be permitted to access the courtyard without weight approval.


If vehicle access is approved by Deakin, you must have a spotter and must have your hazard lights on until they are in your designated expo position. If you are unable to provide a spotter, please advise us and we will provide you an expo staff member for your bump in until you get into position.

If you have large, bulky items that are needing to be bumped in, you are welcome to use the loading dock behind the gates in the courtyard and then trolley or carry your items across the courtyard to your site. If you do require this arrangement, as there is limited space you MUST book a pre-approved 30-minute timeslot in with the expo staff. Please advise Kirsty Howell no later than Wednesday 10 January 2024.

All other exhibitors must bump in via the main doors on Gheringhap Street. 

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