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Nicole Penning

Imagine if your wedding had that one "Go-To" person that magically fixed everything, without you ever knowing or having to worry about a thing…. without a family member having to stress about getting jobs done… without having to ask a friend to to the odds and ends, things just magically got fixed or got done without your realising it or even giving it a moments thought….


Sounds like a dream? Well it isn’t – it’s Nicole Penning – your “Go-To” person for your Wedding day.


Imagine no more… let me introduce you to Nicole Penning Wedding "Go-To" - where I am that exact person that your wedding can rely on to get s#*t done!


So – how does this magic work exactly I hear you ask?


It can look and feel how ever you need it to, for your big day, specifically tailored to you.

I can be there from the moment you wake up and are having breakfast to the moment you jump in the getaway car at the end of the Reception and drive off into the starry lit night to start your honeymoon.

Or I can be there for half the day, half the night…. what ever combination of time you need to help alleviate any stress of anxiety you might have over a certain time or aspect of your day.


Which means I could cover from morning to afternoon – which includes me seeing you and your tribe around you while you are getting ready, likewise checking in on your fiancé to see how they are going about their morning. Ensuring all your suppliers are set and ready to go, so they can do their job at ease and I can help them to do exactly that. This may be your hair and make up artist, florist, car hire, photographer, videographer … I’m there to support them all and help them with anything they might need also.

If your hair dresser runs out of hair spray, I’ll go buy some.

If you have a craving for bacon and eggs for breakfast but don’t have any, I’ll duck out and go to Woolies for you!

Need a strong, skinny, decaf, almond latte while you are getting ready? I’m onto it!

If someone brought the wrong pair of knickers or jocks…I’ll go get the ones they need.

What ever it is, I am there, at your beck and call to help in any way I can!


When you and your fiancé are getting ready separately I will go to both houses, to check in on everyone to make sure all the VIP’S are being looked after, running to schedule, have everything they need and will be all set to head off for photos and to the ceremony on time!


I can then cover from mid afternoon until the start of the Reception, where I would then go to the ceremony location (church, beach, garden, venue, lake….) and make sure all that you have planned for the ceremony is ready to go!

I will check in with the venue operator, the wedding planner, the florist, the stylist, the event manager, caterer, your musicians and who ever else is on-site helping to pull together your dream ceremony.

Most importantly (unless I am also your Celebrant) I will check in with your Celebrant or Minister and make sure they are all organised, ready and pumped for your nuptials!

An area I know…. pretty well…. so I can help them with any last minute details they need covered.

I will then meet you and your fiancé, and all of your guests and wedding attendants when they arrive, greet them with a smile and a comforting reassurance that everything is in order and ready to start!

I will then work with your Celebrant/Minister, photographer, videographer and musicians through the ceremony to help with any finer details they may need me to cover, moving chairs, rearranging a dangling flower out of the way of your fiancé’s face under the arbour, light candles, scatter rose petals…. I just can’t control the weather sorry!


After the “I DO’S” and you walk back up the aisle as newlyweds, I will assist the photographer and videographer with your group photos and family photos – give me the list and I will get on my mic and ask Aunty Sheila to come on over for the whole family photo, helping to wrangle Uncle Albert away from the bar for his photo if you need me to!

My favourite part is accompanying you on your wedding party photos, heading down to the beach, amongst the vines or up against graffiti walls – if I can steal some champagne and glasses I will and make sure you all have a drink in hand, hold the reflective shiny thingy for the photographer to make sure you get the best shots and get you back to the party on time to celebrate with all of your family and friends!

I will be the one carrying the water, helping hold shoes, getting you all beers or champagne and hunting you down some food before you head into the Reception, because you missed out on canapes and drinks while you were getting your photos taken! I’ll even get your photographer something to eat as well - whatever anyone needs, whatever you need!


I will duck off quickly from your photos to check in on the Reception and make sure everything is set up as per your wishes. Bonbonniere set up, name tags out, decorations on tables, photo booth set up ready to go, cake knife on stand by and drinks ready to flow, music set up and the dance floor ready for your feet!


I can then stay right through til close if you need me to or leave the rest of the night up to you.

If you want me to stay, I will help your MC run the evening, cover housekeeping, special requests, introduce the wedding party and you… the newly-married-couple! Make sure we don’t forget speeches, cutting of the cake and your first dance (if you are having all of this of course!) and pick up dirty glasses, wipe up spilt drinks on the dance floor, assist ladies with band-aids for blisters on their heels and keep your DJ company and make sure they are fed and watered as well!

I will be your “Go-To” person for the whole night, so the staff don't bother you - they will come to me instead and ask me questions so you will be none the wiser that they ran out of ice and I drove to the petrol station to buy 3 bags for $9! (or whatever it might be!)


I also like to remind you and your soul mate to head on out just before sunset to take a moment for the two of you, away from the hustle and bustle of your reception, and hopefully your photographer can grab some sneaky sunset pics of you both in this cheeky moment too!


I am then like a Mother Hen, making sure all my baby chicks are OK – partying hard, but safely, I might encourage a water or two amongst the celebratory drinks and make sure Ubers are ordered and the circle farewell has begun before you get charge extra time past your curfew and turn back into pumpkins!


I then help pack up all the signs of the best wedding ever, stack chairs, gather forgotten guest gifts and bundle up your wishing well, cards and left over wedding cake to give to Mum for her to take home for you all to open and eat Sunday morning over brunch with family and friends!


Once I know the two of you are off and on your way for your first night as newlyweds…. my job is done!

I’ll be the last to leave and say goodbye to all the venue staff and sleep super well that night with a big smile on my face knowing I helped make sure your wedding day and night was seamless and stress-free…. because I am your “Go-To” person!


Or what I like to call, your Wedding’s Best Friend!


In whatever capacity you want me for, for your wedding, I create a timeline of your event and a VIP Vendor list to ensure everyone knows exactly what is happening at all times! I call this your Wedding Day Masterplan.

Your Wedding Day Masterplan outlines timings and logistics of the wedding rehearsal, the day and night before the wedding and the wedding day itself. Covering roles and responsibilities, rehearsal checklist, to-do-list, and all your vendors contact details.... this way, everyone is on the same page and not one element of your wedding day and night will be overlooked or missed.


The week of your wedding I call all of your relevant suppliers and confirm their details and commitments so there are no excuses and minimal margin for error!

In the months leading up to your big day, we have unlimited emails, text, phone calls or Skype chats to finalise all details then have 1 site visit leading up to the day to ensure everything is planned and ready to go and we can meet as many times as needed in finalising your Masterplan.


I am at your beck and call the whole time I am your "Go-To" person - so whatever you need - you just let me know! The aim of this role is to help ease the stress and calm the nerves and allow everyone (especially yourselves) to just enjoy the day and the night..... rather than worrying all the time.... then all your planning will pay off and it'll all be worth it. 


I hope the idea of this service helps couples out there to enjoy their big day without one ounce of stress or thought, due to the comfort in knowing someone else is looking after the bigger and finer details on their behalf, every step of the way. This service is designed to calm your nerves and help with any anxiety, as with a “Go-To” person on the case all you have to do is smile and say, “I DO!”

Get in touch via to find out more

Images by All My Wednesdays Photography, Luisa Walsh Photography & Michael Renga Photography

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