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White Smiles

Kim Micallef created White Smiles Geelong because the joy she gets from bringing confidence and brighter smiles to her clients is the best feeling in the world to her.

A dental nurse of 17 years, Kim comes from a family of skilled dentists and clinicians, and has seen countless sets of pearly whites, and pearly yellows. Determined to bring whiter smiles to the world, Kim has created a mobile teeth whitening service that conveniently works around your schedule to bring you transformational results in impressive time.

Time was another driver for Kim's convenient service model, with her beautiful daughter who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The flexibility and time-saving nature of White Smiles Geelong also provides Kim the flexibility and time she needs to take care of and nurture her daughter.


Kim LOVES what she does and can't wait to see what she can achieve for you.

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