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With Love From Near and Far

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Surrounded by a loving family all my life has truly shown me the importance and value of love. My life experiences have helped show me the everlasting beauty of such an emotion, and how special it is to be able to capture it and create everlasting memories. 
I love being able to capture you and your loved ones in a heartfelt, warm and honest way. Creating imagery through the raw emotions, and the unfiltered beautiful moments of a wedding day. I love the finer details and the in between moments, human connection is everything. The little things we often overlook, truly hold so much value. The little glances, the subtle touches, that little smile right before you kiss your loved one. For me this is where the true beauty lies.

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A little more about Courtney

When I was growing up I had the worlds best role models for love, my parents. They have a sweet love story maybe not one you would see in a movie, but special in itself, and a story I always love to tell.
As I grew up I was able to see everyday what true love was. In my teens my Mum became unwell, and this is when my passion for photography grew. I realised the importance a photograph can hold, a memory, a moment one that will never be lost.
Through this hard time, I began to notice more and more the little things, the special moments often over looked. The little looks we share with our loved ones, how the simplest of touch can mean so much more. How much strength can come from love and being loved. As I was still young I had no clue that this passion and my eye for the human connection would lead me down the path to becoming a wedding photographer. So here I am now capturing these little in between moments, creating ever lasting memories and seeing true love blossom everyday in my job. A truly amazing experience, that I am so grateful to be a part of.

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