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Zena Lythgo Celebrant

Hi there, My name is Zena.

And for me, being a celebrant, meeting great people, sharing stories and travelling across Vic in my campervan, Nel, for weddings is the best time going around!

It is such a privilege to share these moments with people.

Every wedding is different and there are very few legal must do's, so we can pretty much create whatever you want...

If this sounds like you and the way you would like to collaborate, then I look forward to connecting with you!

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I became a celebrant nearly 8 years ago now. I was working in the LGBTQIA+ community at the time and there were flutters that K.Rudd would pass same-sex marriage. It took a stupidly long time to actually happen (boo!) but I am so glad the community around me encouraged me to get qualified anyway! It's been the most amazing job ever since and when I am road tripping to some beautiful location on a weekday, I still pinch myself that this is my full-time job! My partner and I live between the Otways and the Bellarine, with plenty of trips to Melbourne for weddings along the way. It's unconventional in a lot of ways but we love it! Thank goodness I have my home away from home, my campervan Nel, or I would probably feel a bit displaced at times. But most days it's a fun adventure, surrounded by great people and helping them make epic memories. These are the moments, guys! AND I would love to share them with you.

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