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Zoe Starr Events

"Zoe is clearly the undiscovered gem of Geelong celebrants - a funny, sincere, talented writer and deep empath. She struck the perfect balance of feeling like a friend without trying to be your *best* friend." David - 2024


Winter wedding anyone?


After being a celebrant for over 6 years I am currently planning my own wedding, in the depths of winter. I have a list as long as my groceries of reasons why a winter wedding is a better wedding and I'd love to share it far and wide.


Coming from an arty, slightly quirky and very inclusive and understanding background I do believe I was put on this earth to be a celebrant. I get how individual my clients are and work actively to understand them completely, which ultimately results in a ceremony truly reflecting said clients.


I offer a tailored service to ensure I am the correct celebrant for all the types of peoples.

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After achieving my life-long goal of meeting the man of my dreams and becoming a mother (so lucky) , it was only natural that I sought to be a part of that process with others.


I love working with people, sure, but to work with the tradition of marriage in a completely contemporary way is truly fascinating to me. I am all about understanding the "why" in why my clients are marrying, and I do believe this is vital to my success as a celebrant. It's the sincere enjoyment, curiosity and creativity of it all.

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